Anchor Neural Network Governance

In addition to various utilities that can be used within the aforementioned ecosystem, ANW tokens play a critical and significant role as the governance token for the ANW ecosystem. Governance means the process of reaching consensus on issues and policy-making that cannot be decided by common software algorithms. Such policies include token issuance, constitution and policy, ecosystem funding, subjective matters.

For example, when additional issuance of ANW tokens is proposed for a specific purpose, token holders will go through the process of directly voting on each proposal though the use of an off-chain process of proposal curation and cryptovoting and then later submission of votes through an on-chain smart contract. Anyone can submit a proposal for review, and once accept its details are enshrined into a transaction within a smart contract on-chain. Thereafter a voting period takes place. Votes occur off-chain as a crypto-signature of specific data including ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to show support or disagreement and the unique ID for that proposal generated during the proposal submission stage. There are no transaction fees incurred during this off-chain voting period and voters can change their vote at any time before the voting period ends. Once the voting period has ended, the votes must be collated into an actual transaction and submitted to the blockchain. During this submission each vote is counted and weighted according to the proportion of ANW tokens being held in the signing account at the time of vote submission. In this way community members can thereby exercise their influences as token holders fairly since the voting result Is based on the majority opinions directly proportional to tokens held. In order to prevent indiscriminate proposals, initial voting proposals will be vetted by a foundation appointed committee. However, once a robust decentralized eco- system is well established and stabilized, ANW will open the proposal forum directly to the community as the governance structure gains the ability to support more active and diverse opinions.

Based on the above, ANW will build further decentralized environment that can maximize the value to be gained from the fusion between existing business practice and the unique effects of blockchain. As such, the governance model will be further expanded, and as while the platform and ecosystem grow, through proper governance and voting, more features will be added based on those results.