Today, many of us wear watches that do more than just check the time as well. They load apps, take pictures, tell us our heart rate, navigate us to places within walking distance, and more. Although they’re not as helpful in saving us from evil henchmen, we’re living in a time that wasn’t anything but science fiction a couple of decades ago.

The best part about our watches is they’re continuing to enhance our lives in different ways. But out of all of the helpful watches these devices enhance our daily lives, wearable technology is making huge strides in healthcare.

As preventive care becomes more of a trend, so do smartwatches. They give us plenty of insights into our health so we can improve it before we need to see a doctor. But they’re becoming even more intricate with their capabilities and to address health concerns. 

This smart technology is no longer confined to a phone or a watch but can exist in patches, headbands, masks, and contact lenses. 

Here are 15 emerging wearables that are improving healthcare in 2020.