4 Arenas Artificial Intelligence Can Never Takeover

The very first response on googling this topic will put a set of jobs at your sight — Human Resource Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Chief Executives, Writers, etc. Replacing these vocations with Artificial Intelligence (AI) does indeed sound impossible, as the smartness of your AI model eventually depends on the data you feed. Beyond that, it just becomes a dyslexic chassis framework. As you follow along with me, you won’t find another monotonous response of a set of jobs. Rather we’ll look at four mutually exclusive domains which have changed our lives over time, & can indisputably never be conquered by AI. Here we go:-

  1. Frugal Innovations —Coming up with the jaw-dropping sixth sense technology, or Mitticool, a refrigerator that works without electricity, sounds impossible for an AI bot to ideate. The sole reason for the same is that eventually, AI-based bots are mere machines. They can be smart enough to absorb every piece of factual minutiae of any innovation happened ever, but will never be able to come up with one, especially the one what the Indian desis call it — jugaad. Creativity, innovativeness, and an economical mindset in spades is what some of us are gifted with. Simple it may sound to AI engineers, but will we ever be able to develop a ‘God-level creativity algorithm’, where the ‘God’ here are humans?

2. Strategic Thinking— Imagine the two of us are typical siblings (who enjoy quarrelling more than anything on the earth), and are supposed to have a third and a half of the only five chocolates we have. As dividing five in the given ratio perfectly will take you a life time, our smart father gives us one more chocolate. Now we have six of them, a third of which is two and half being three. Hence, we’re left with one chocolate. Although not generous to each other often, it seems just to both of us to let the ‘smart daddy’ have it. And this is the job of conflict resolvers — finding the sixth chocolate. Be it deadly wars between nations or an M&A deal between gigantic conglomerates, we’ll undoubtedly need humans to come up with a viable and optimal solution. It’s extremely easy to counter this claim with catch-22 situations or Protagoras’ paradoxes, but that is when it clicks us as ‘blink,’ as Mr. Malcolm Gladwell calls it. This article very well substantiates the accuracy of gut being beyond logical deductions.

Not just conflicts, even business strategy world seems distant from AI. Will these bots ever replace the smart guy hired by the US-based fast food restaurant chain Burger King, who got his company endorsed by celebrities for free over Twitter ten years back, or will they be the next Michael Porter, although criticized by some?

3. Social Psychology — “Why do we think and behave the way we do” is the most accurate one-liner explanation of what ‘social psychology’ means. Our actions and behaviour are highly dependent on the contemporary circumstances. And it takes a series of experiments and a being of empathy inside us so as to analyse our cognition and demeanour. Hindsight bias, conformational bias, The Abilene paradox, Groupthink, etc. are the areas of research where concluding anything is not just a matter of observing the patterns and coming up with the results. Although crunching the data has a fractional contribution for research in this domain, a major portion involves deliberation and seeing the world entirely through someone else’s eyes, which is ‘outrospection’. If someone aims at building an AI algorithm for this, it is next to creating a human. And the biggest asset with the sapiens is the feature of utter distinctiveness from the rest. Hence, will we ever be able to build a humanoid to understand your psyche?

4. Spirituality — Swami Vivekananda, Carl Jung, Muhammad Asad, St. Augustine, and many others are known to have devoted their entire lives on seeking an answer to the purpose of our existence and knowing God. The answer ultimately boils down to what every renowned spiritual manuscript propagates-uniting the Individual Consciousness to the Ultimate Consciousness. Spirituality is often misinterpreted as an alternative term used for the existence of God. However, it’s literal sense is on our existence and the governing force of the universe. Liberation, celibacy, meditation and finding action in inaction are the prescribed characteristics by the manuscripts to attain it. I’m ready to bet my life if a robot can ever meditate for a couple of years and come up with the reason of our existence, and many other similar unanswered questions.

Conclusion:- Monetizing our knowledge in any domain is not a big deal today, especially as we already have a plethora of avenues. Hence, the apprehension of losing our market value because of the advent of AI doesn’t sound too convincing. This apprehension is again a consequence of what we believe education is meant for – “giving us a job” rather than “making us think beyond our scope”. Nevertheless, it will undoubtedly replace us, if we let it happen.