5 AI-based Blockchain projects: Everything You Need To Know

In today’s article, we are going to discuss 5 AI-based blockchain projects that are making noise in the crypto space. What is the first thing that immediately comes to mind when you hear the word artificial intelligence? Jarvis or Siri, right?

5 AI-based Blockchain projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology are amongst the most popular technologies at the present time. Better prospects, as well as a higher level of transparency, can be developed by incorporating AI with Blockchain.

With both technologies being incorporated into the projects, data security and transparency can be enhanced, and it makes AI faster and wider.

Since enterprises want to leverage the benefits of AI blockchain, many blockchain projects are led by a team of experts to upgrade everything from food supply chain logistics and healthcare record sharing to media royalties and financial security.

So, let’s take a dive into the 5 AI-based Blockchain projects


On Number One we have SingularityNET. SingularityNET has quickly climbed to the forefront of our list of 5 AI-based blockchain solutions. Have you heard about Sophia, the world’s first AI humanoid robot who was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabian?

The group involved in developing Sophia went on to create SingularityNET. The major goal of the SingularityNET team was to harness the power of both fascinating new technologies.

SingularityNET is a top AI-blockchain project that is assisting in the development of a decentralized AI marketplace. The marketplace can aid in the development and funding of AI projects. Most importantly, SingularityNET has been designed to function as a global network for AI algorithms.

The marketplace helps developers and businesses in the development of their AI projects by also allowing them to sell tools, data, services, and algorithms. Another fascinating feature of SingularityNET is its explicit usage of smart contracts.

SingularityNET has been one of the top AI-blockchain projects because of its significance in bridging the gap between researchers working on AI tools and businesses that rely on the technology for specific goals.

2. DeepBrain Chain

In second place we have DeepBrain Chain. DeepBrain Chain is essentially a decentralized AI computing platform with improved cost efficiency and privacy protections. It makes use of blockchain technology and performs the functionalities of a decentralized neural network. As a result, DeepBrain Chain is one of the most popular options for obtaining a decentralized cloud computing network that can enable AI development.

DeepBrain Chain’s developers have proposed that the project focus on transitioning away from the existing NEP-5 chain. However, it brings blockchain governance. At the same time, DeepBrain Chain assures data value enhancement while also protecting data privacy by distinguishing between data usage and data ownership.

3. FutureFi

Coming to the third project we have FutureFi. Future’s Finance is a modern-day decentralized blockchain. FutureFi Blockchain fuses AI and machine learning with Proof of Authority and Proof of Burned Stakes consensus mechanism to deliver a fair, transparent, and scalable platform capable of hosting a range of decentralized apps for real-world use cases.

FutureFi is an umbrella brand that represents several products and services such as TradeKia, TradeBRO, Trade0X, NFTials & Metaverse, and CryptoxIN, all of which are committed to optimizing the future of financial operations around the world.

4. Blackbird.AI

In Fourth place, we have Blackbird.AI. One of the many important challenges plaguing the world right now is fake news. It spreads like a wildfire. Many websites and online sources have been spreading bogus news on the internet. As a result, individuals are having difficulty distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent news. Blackbird. AI is one of the most innovative AI-blockchain initiatives, combining AI and blockchain for content analysis.

It also aids in the verification of content’s trustworthiness, allowing for the rapid and painless removal of bogus news. Blackbird. AI is used for spam detection and classification based on specific authenticity indicators. The credibility indicators assist in identifying whether a specific item of news contains hate speech, disinformation, or satire.

5. Matrix AI

At last, we have Matrix AI. It is hard to compile a list of the outstanding AI-blockchain projects without discussing Matrix AI. Matrix AI takes advantage of AI-based technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and delivers the fundamental blockchain functionality.

Dynamic delegation networks, auto-coding smart contracts, adaptive blockchain parameters, and AI-based blockchain security, are some features that distinguish Matrix AI. Matrix AI also includes an AI-powered secure virtual computer. The virtual machine assists in identifying potential flaws and harmful intentions while meeting the criteria of robustness.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end it is evident that many of the top AI-blockchain initiatives are currently under development. However, there are numerous other cases that demonstrate the usage of AI in blockchain for various industries.

If you want to discover more about the advantages of AI for blockchain solutions, you should begin researching blockchain. Begin by understanding the fundamentals of the blockchain to learn how AI fits into the blockchain ecosystem.