IoT has many applications, but today we’re going to cover the top 6 cases of IoT use. So, let’s get started and explore it one by one!

Smart Farming

In the agricultural industry, IoT equipment facilities are expected to rise from 30 million to 75 million by 2020 in 2015. Farmers gather information from their crops and livestock to maximize production in a number of ways.


This is probably the largest IoT-affected industry. In 2020, global manufacturers will spend 70 billion dollars in IoT solutions. This helps the managers of the plant to see not only how a machine part needs to be replaced, but also how to make the entire system work better.

Connected Healthcare

Connecting the healthcare industry not only means making business more efficient, but it can also mean better patient service. Hospital staff can receive warnings when repairs are required, for example, by connecting an MRI machine to the internet.

Smart Retail

Retailers start using Bluetooth beacons to better meet their customers and offer personalized discounts in their own stories.

Energy Consumption

The way energy firms do business is also changing IoT. Smart meters start to be used by utilities such as PG&E. Thanks to two-way communication, intelligent meters provide the requisite data to utilities to accurately predict demand, spot failures, and help them know when to schedule repairs.

Smart Transportation

IoT solutions can be used in many ways to improve business from supply chain logistics to public transit. By connecting automobiles to temperature monitoring sensors, cos can help to secure the arrival of goods, especially food. Sensors and intelligent software can be used to collect data to aid the driver in fuel-saving driving the vehicle. Connected infrastructure will also be used in the future to reduce traffic and prevent accidents with connected vehicles.