When you’re running a business or providing a service for consumers, you quickly become aware of the importance of time. One aspect that is universal for all businesses and service-providers is Return on Investment (ROI). Your overall success could highly depend on a carefully constructed ROI. The metric is a mix of financial and social influences. This exchange of capital has to make sense for all parties involved. In short, can you effectively track dollars saved and physical dollars coming into your business? The result of executing this formula should amount to the overall success of your company. This could mean an increase in productivity, more revenue and overall efficiency. The basis of ROI is the exchange of capital, what do you do with your dollars once they have been exchanged for your services or goods?

For everyone involved in the content business, ROI can also be considered a return on time. In Ahava Leitbtag’s book The Digital Crown, she discusses how proper content management can definitively increase creativity and productivity. This scheme can be applied universally across the board, for as a carefully constructed ROI formula can result in more time and more sales. Below I am going to deep dive into some of her prized examples.