The customer experience and expectations have changed for healthcare providers (HCPs). Live visits have always been central to building relationships with HCPs in medtech, but the global pandemic forced teams to pivot from traditional feet-on-the-street methodology to a new model blending personalization and real-time intelligence into a unique, personalized digital customer experience — one that empowers customers and places them at the center of every interaction whatever their geographic location.

Virtual product selling has historically been used in addition to a live visit. However, medtech leaders have had to refine and streamline the digital experiences they’re creating. To meet HCPs’ evolving needs and expectations, medtech organizations need to be flexible. They also need a complete view of HCP data, cross-team collaboration, and the right digital tools to stay relevant. HCPs are now engaging with vendors in a hybrid environment — part virtual and part face-to-face — but by 2025, it’s predicted that 80% of their contact with vendors will be completely digital.

Build trust and relationships with HCP using real-time intelligence. Strong, long-term relationships are rooted in providing consistent value and unique insight. of HCPs and 90% of patients believe it’s important for organizations to provide personalized, easy-to-navigate experiences. Building personalized digital experiences for customers offers a unique opportunity to provide the right stakeholders with real-time data at the right time through the right channel.

Share a unified view of customer data and present it in an easy-to-consume way. HCPs love data, and they need it to make quick, confident decisions. The crucial task facing medtech and pharma leaders in this new era of digital engagement is building customer knowledge, trust and loyalty through an omni-channel experience that provides customers with a one-stop shop. These experiences should include a wealth of relevant information, use-case scenarios and data that stakeholders can feel confident in relaying to their teams to help them make better business decisions.

Personalize customer experiences for better targeting. Some 97% of companies are seeing measurable revenue lift from using personalization efforts. Virtual selling experiences allow businesses to reach more people without sacrificing the personal touch and to empower customers by providing them with tailored information in a customized experience that’s available in their own time and at their own pace.

Provide a relevant omnichannel experience across every stage of the customer journey. Supplying HCPs with consistent, concise information over time not only increases their engagement with your brand that they would have never experienced in person, but also strengthens their trust in your products and services, making them feel in control of their decision-making and awareness journey.

As healthcare solutions continue to emerge, shaping the future of healthcare delivery, medtech leaders must continue to refine their digital experiences to meet the needs and expectations of HCPs. To stay relevant and maximize relationship-building potential, these leaders will need a unified view of HCP data, cross-team collaboration and the right digital tool.