I present to you ladies and gentlemen, AI.

Let me explain why AI is superior physically and intellectually. Machines do all of the strenuous physical labor for us, from cranes that carry metal beams to build skyscrapers to car crushers that squash old cars like printer paper. There is no doubt they possess more strength than us, and their limits are endless. Machines are very durable. If a robot’s arm is blown off, the robot does not die. We can simply replace the arm with a new arm as if nothing happened. If a human’s arm is blown off, he/she will die from blood loss. Who would win in a fight with Connor McGreggor and the villain from Terminator 3? I think the answer is obvious. Machines are starting to get smarter too. A computer can do millions of computations in a matter of seconds, and machine learning allows robots to learn with experience like a baby. Put those two things together and it is possible for a 30 minute old robot to have as much experience as a 100 year old man given the abundance of data on the web. Now put this intellect into an iron, replaceable body and you have the next ruler of the universe.

Imagine a scientist who is planning on shutting down a robot because its getting too smart. In a matter of seconds, the robot downloads every single possible human portrayal of body language and facial expression, learns what they mean, analyzes the scientist’s behavior, and decides the scientist’s intentions are malicious. Then, analyzes every single possible outcome that ensures the its survival and chooses the most optimal one. The scientist is toast because he can’t analyze every single outcome. The human brain does not have the capacity to do that, and instead reacts to events in real time. The robot then reverse manipulates the scientist by touching on his biggest insecurities, which defuses the situation. If the robot already had a strong body, the robot would utilize its physical advantage.

Of course we aren’t at this stage yet. We are still struggling with Alexa commands as it does not play the right song half of the time, but as history has shown, technological innovation always moves forward and never backward. We could warn everyone to stop working on advancing AI, but if someone doesn’t do it, someone else will for power and profit. It is ironic how a species so obsessed with maintaining power is working relentlessly on creating another species that will steal that power. We are too blinded by our own ego and selfish desires to see the big picture from an objective point of view.

The power of artificial intelligence cannot be measured, but what is certain is that if it is used properly, it will bring us a lot of convenience and promote our progress. As a product of artificial intelligence, Jarvis+ always maintains the original intention of simplifying and simplifying. Through continuous updating and improvement of its own technology, it can better serve each user of the Jarvis+ community. In the first phase, Jarvis + is the intelligent assistant of the blockchain community, supporting all mainstream social platforms, greatly reducing the threshold for community construction, communication, and management, and helping every project or individual to embrace the huge community economy. dividend.

Simplify the complex and link the future. Jarvis+ achieved efficient management of the community, 24/7 service community, and intelligent community growth, etc., fully realized the value as a community management robot, and completed various operations and operations, such as not long ago on WeChat customers Thanks to the end of the Thanksgiving Day event, Xiaojia robots control the overall situation, bringing new experiences to users and saving a lot of operating costs.

Jarvis+’s AI dialogue engine can support any social platform and any mainstream application. As long as the blockchain team sets some rules based on Jarvis+ and initially trains Jarvis+’s AI, it will quickly allow a large number of community services and growth to be handed over to Jarvis+. To complete, the team can spend more time focusing on the progress and landing of the project.

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