You may not need to change your business: Not all businesses can be online!

A lot of people have also lost their jobs due to this pandemic and a lot of startups and enterprises have closed shops due to lack of patronage during this outbreak. Most businesses are run on a non-stop model which hardly gives room for a shutdown of this nature. No doubt that lots of workers too are affected by this.

Not all businesses can fit into the online presence model. Businesses like car wash, bicycle repair, farming, security service etc.

There may be a need to modify the way you run the business and prepare for the most critical conditions but never quit as there are quite lots of people that will want to get a new business that has online presence because of FOMO.

What to expect after Covid-19?

In the world of enterprise, reshaping how business is run is taking up a huge chunk of the discussion in that sector right now. Changing how leaders operate will be a focus for leaders and pundits who care about how it affects the whole economy. Going forward, many businesses will want to go online after seeing how e-businesses have dominated and survived this pandemic. But the question is do you need an online presence for your business to run effectively?

Increase in the number of freelancers working remotely across industries such as education, technology, virtual assistance and so on are already experiencing a saturation which is not yet commensurate with demand.

Hyper-Inflation is another domain to watch for as the price of food, commodity, rent will sky rocketed and increase in cheap labor in some sectors.

Freelance and non-freelance graph

Designing against the Next Pandemic

Having witnessed the havoc Covid-19 has caused to the fabric of the entire world, growth into Digital Humans may be imminent. We may experience a world of Digital Humans once body chip vaccines, AR/VR, IoT in our devices and others begin to trend upward.

Vaccines might not be easily discovered for the future occurrence on newly virus disease. Discovering of vaccines might takes few month or weeks as the disease might have spread and cause a lot of havoc to humanity and our business like Covid19.

Body chips can be used to carry out diagnosis and analysis on a host and send the necessary data to a medical team on the patient status. Once vaccines are able to offer an immunity to viral diseases, the accompanying body chip can, therefore, be used to constantly test and report real-time conditions of the host.

Vaccines can offer cure, to the great disease and Body chip can be used to discover or carry out personal test on it host. But this might also halt our business and our movement like covid19 did.

Digital Human and Hologram

As pandemics now frequent within a decade of the last one, it won’t be too early to start preparations for the options existing in digital format. The Digital Human needs to be instituted and regulated so as to keep humans and myriad activities more prepared for any incoming pandemic. Businesses which can be taken online will need to leverage on Technology going forward for survival.

For instance, educational services can be run virtually and seamlessly through the help of 5G technology and via Holographic format with the principle of Uncanny valley. Schools will be online and teachers can lecture from anywhere while appearing in a 4D hologram view. You can’t miss your teacher, the Digital Human teacher would be powered and coupled with AGI that imitates human reactions, emotions, reasoning, understanding (exact version of human). It will be able to accept feedback, entertain questions and give immediate answers just as if it is done in a real classroom setting. Examinations can be conducted with hologram supervisors split virtually across different geographic locations for students.

Taking this further with the help of AI holograms, the need for human teachers may even altogether be eliminated.

Also political campaigns are one of those events that can pull in large crowds of people and where this concept of Digital Humans may apply. Security arrangements are generally made at political rallies but sometimes even those arrangements are not enough as far as the safety of the politician is concerned. Any person from the crowd can be a threat to the political on a podium. In this case, the use of mixed reality can potentially turn out to be an effective precaution to avoid unpredictable circumstances. The political figure on the stage could in effect make an appearance remotely with the help of mixed reality technology and address the crowd safely.

A scenario like that above could particularly apply in the United States in the upcoming elections as crowds are even discouraged and politicians are scared of contracting the virus themselves.

Similarly, musicians can stage their music with a version of their digital being while the real being is sitting at home watching its cloned version staging a historic performance concert.

The tech giant, Microsoft, is currently working on a project called ‘Holoportation,’ which utilizes mixed reality technology. The execution of this application could allow individuals with an headset device such as HoloLens to remotely participate in meetings across the world and interact with each other as if they are actually present with the help of 3D motion capture system.

Remote Repair also enables repairing of your home gadget remotely. Internet routers or washing machines get spoiled, but the repair expert may not be able to come to the house anytime soon. A startup known as Streem is working in this regard to arrange real-time virtual visits which is accomplished through augmented reality and video. An expert can collaborate with the person at home from afar, projecting virtual arrows and pointers to instruct someone on the steps s/he should take. The repair person can even take measurements remotely.

An enabling technology such as 5G allows Streem stream higher quality videos which surpasses the capability of 4G and in some cases even WiFi.

Home inspectors and real estate agents — perhaps while consumers await approval on a mortgage loan — are among services which could transfer online using the capabilities and advantage of Streem’s platform. And Streem is also working with appliance makers and telecom companies that might make use of the technology to provide remote customer support.

Another application of digitally representing or assisting humans is in training medical doctors on performing a pre-surgical operation on the digital version of the human body — planning, grading and practicing with personalized recreations of a patient being operated on.

Augmented shopping

Verizon’s own 5G developers propose a more hopeful solution, which uses augmented reality to blend online shopping with physical retail.

Assume that you or a loved one has a food allergy. Sure, you can physically inspect each box of cereal or other food item you come across in the grocery store to see if it contains nuts or some other ingredient to avoid.

You then approach a compliant store and point your phone camera at store shelves to scan and read the screen in which boxes of items having these ingredients are placed. Your phone is then able to identify which products you should not buy and which to buy without having to waste time squinting at the boxes. This is being done today in a limited fashion but it is still an application of the possibilities with a Digital Human.

According to Verizon, 5G can also help retailers augment tens of thousands of products to identify ingredients or provide other data to consumers from product ratings and information about which items/quantities are in stock. Consumers might arrange a mobile checkout right there and then, and also arrange to have the items shipped home.

Some of these technologies are still novel and may take time for them to be fully implemented. There is also no guarantee of wide consumer acceptance or retention; but they will at least be worth a try. Other ones too may have serious privacy concerns, too.

What all of this demonstrates, though, is that 5G’s potential and the prospect of the Digital Human, is quite enormous in a world challenged by a pandemic — and not just about your phone.

Non-Human interaction would be 85% by 2025 and the quest for Digital Human immortality keeps increasing to enable humans to keep engaging in their daily routine activities (online posting and online presence).Example, Digital version of human Posting on Twitter.