The human touch has become a taboo.

This damned virus has given a shoulder to the whole sharing economy from transport to accommodation, inevitably passing through restaurants.

Distance, mask, relationships, everything is disposable today.

So how to manage in a bar or restaurant that precious communication object that is the menu?

How to find new forms of engagement when the waiter, who was previously the business card of the restaurant, is now viewed with distrust?

Motion design and augmented reality can give a significant answer to this question.

Framing an image on the table with your smartphone, which is a precious ornament or a more practical placemat, can be the way to access a new experience of the menu in augmented reality.

And why not, as happened with the sprint on smart working, finding positive sides to this “forced evolution”.

Because at this point the menu may no longer be limited to a mere list of dishes / cocktails / ice creams but it can tell in a more complex way what is behind the dish itself.

Whether they are 3D representations of the dish or simpler but effective videos that tell you about its preparation, the possibilities offered by the augmented menu are many.

So starting from this need not to “share” this object among the guests, we can instead take a new opportunity.

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And not only to communicate the dishes but also to be able to communicate more.

Ideas, philosophy, vision, brand values ​​that often hide behind a large or small business. Once you break through that door there are no limits and the menu becomes a form of entertainment inside the room itself.

And nothing is more effective than motion graphics to tell complex and articulated messages in a simple and metaphorical way.

On the other hand, motion design is the same language that has gone from famous film headlines to television branding to get to break into the digital world and which today can perform even better in this meta digital world suspended between bits and reality.

This is what we have done for example, in different ways, with some small cocktail bars or with the large Italian chain Panino Giusto.

The BOB is a bar with a refined selection of signature cocktails, for each page of the menu, there is an environment that suggests a mood for the cocktail itself. By framing the page with the Aria platform, the photo comes to life thanks to our simple but effective work both with the switching on and off of neon and signs, and with dedicated sound design.

Other bars in the Isola area in Milan have different types of interaction such as the logo of Bar Bah and that of Casa Ramen Super.

Another example is that of the collaboration with Panino Giusto, the historic Milanese restaurant brand now widespread throughout Europe.

The goal was to communicate their international certification to B-Corp (the first in Italy): a company that works responsibly, sustainably, and transparently and pursues a purpose greater than profit, that is, a positive impact on people and ‘environment.

Our video was designed to be distributed in augmented reality via the Aria Platform app.

It will then be possible to view this content on the company’s merchandising, such as dining placemats, menus, paper envelopes, and flyers, with smartphones.

The videos created by Alkanoids for Panino Giusto will be broadcast on the new Internet: the reality that surrounds us.

Obviously, the experience can be declined from the starred restaurant to fast food following the specific communication needs.

The quality of the content, the ease of use, the effectiveness of the medium, and therefore, the power of involvement of an otherwise sleepy and frightened community make the new world of menus in augmented reality an adventure to explore. To not be left behind.

Click here to see our complete work on Panino Giusto.

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