Workers have started feeling comfortable around robots due to the ease of workflow. In the era of automation, robots at workplaces are nothing extraordinary, and more are on their way!

 B2B enterprises are increasingly switching to automation and upgrading their strategic plans involving robotic applications. Nearly 76% of workers at the newly automated enterprises confirmed that advanced technology had benefited them at work. The third annual national study by MindEdge/Skye Learning, titled “The Future of Work 2020: Preparing for Robot Colleagues” confirmed that too. In fact, about 32% of workers say artificial intelligence (AI), robot workers, and analytics have been implemented in their workplaces past year.

IT Leaders Driving Inside-Out Digital Transformation for Businesses

Simply put, it is just the beginning of the robotic era at work, and it will continue to rise in the coming years. This phenomenon has been termed as ‘Robomageddon’. With the worldwide crisis amid the COVID-19, more businesses are aiming for an automated workflow to keep their operations up and running. According to MindEdge/Skye Learning’s Director of Communications and Research, Frank Connolly, as stated to have said, “Continuing to advance and upskill human knowledge through continuous learning is a key tool to reinforce employee confidence and engagement in an environment of advanced automation.”

Around 1,017 U.S. workers were surveyed about the usage of robots and advanced automation in the workplace. The report also found that 69 % of employees agreed it had improved their morale. However, a majority of workers are still not sure about automation – the report stated, “44 percent say that automation has already taken over part of their current job – and 57 percent of all workers say that robotics and advanced automation are bad for American workers.”

Jefferson Flanders, CEO of MindEdge Learning, says in the press release, “Navigating the impact of robotics, automation, and AI is a pillar of modern business operations that will take time and experience for business leaders and employees to understand…American workers are continuing to uncover exactly how they feel about robotics and automation in the workplace. But regardless of how they may feel, technology is inexorably transforming the U.S. workforce – and employers and workers need to prepare for it.”

Digitalization Led IT Revolution Transforming the Global Labor Market

Clearly, with the continual trends in tech innovations, bots are now an inevitable part of our daily life – they are here to stay! Most market leaders had already implemented robotic process automation (RPA) years ago to streamline their businesses’ functionalities. Not only in American workplaces, robotics, and advanced automation technology are the fast-growing trends in the global marketplace.