Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the premier consulting firms in the industry. The company is known for its innovative frameworks and as a pioneer of thoughtful and data-driven approaches to strategy consulting. One such example of the company’s innovative spirit is its subsidiary – BCG GAMMA.

What is BCG GAMMA?

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest fields in the world. Its future impact is touted to be larger than all previous innovative revolutions combined! The world is in the very early stages of this next technological revolution, and there is much that businesses can gain with proper use of AI. However, because the field is in its infancy, businesses don’t fully yet know how to harness and use AI’s capabilities. This is where BCG GAMMA comes in.

GAMMA focuses on making artificial intelligence (AI) real for clients, and provides services to clients looking for ways to integrate AI into their businesses. The practice area represents an intersection of data science, technology, people, and deep business expertise. Consultants at GAMMA work on providing client solutions to radically transform their businesses in 9-12 months. They do this by crafting and implementing fully customized, end-to-end, advanced analytic and AI solutions.

Notice how these engagements are longer than the typical engagement at BCG, which is between 3-6 months. This means while you are doing incredibly interesting work, you naturally receive less exposure to a wide variety of clients because of longer project cycles.

Below are some of BCG GAMMA’s areas of expertise and service offerings that its consultants provide clients:

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According to BCG, BCG GAMMA employs a three-step process that ensures measurable results:

  1. Envision: A rapid sprint to set ambitions and identify game-changing sources of value hidden in large and complex data.
  2. AI Activator: Agile, self-funding, and AI-powered value creation in four phases:
    • Inflection: Pressure-test use cases.
    • Prototype: Build customized Proof of Concept to validate business case and feasibility.
    • Incubation: Launch MVP and improve in agile sprints.
    • Exponential: Scale across the organization and continuously improve.
  3. Enable: Diagnose needs and kick-start the organizational IT infrastructure transformation by building the capabilities required for continued success.

BCG GAMMA Projects

According to BCG’s website, teams there have helped achieve clients achieve the following results:

  • Helped a telecommunications organization realize more than $10 billion in savings through a redesigned strategy for its internet broadband buildout.
  • After partnering with BCG GAMMA, a health care payer reduced costs by more than $350 million through a retargeted intervention activity.
  • Using loyalty data, BCG GAMMA helped a retailer resize its footprint to boost profit improvement by 50%.
  • Worked with a financial services company to use improved risk models to increase its segment growth by 90%.


The team is mainly built of data scientists and technologists with sharp business minds. If you find yourself with a passion for both technology and strategy, a BCG GAMMA career may be for you. Below are some roles that BCG GAMMA hires for:

  • Data Scientists
  • Analytics Software Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Analytics Architects

The company searches for candidates with advanced analytics experience and academic backgrounds in a field linked to computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, machine learning, or other related fields. It looks for candidates with demonstrated industry experience in areas related to predictive analytics, machine learning, optimization and operations, or risk.

If you think a career at BCG GAMMA is a good fit for you, apply here!

BCG GAMMA vs. BCG Generalists

There are several key similarities and differences between consultants at BCG GAMMA and BCG Generalists (management consultants who focus on strategy across various industries).

First, the differences.

As noted above, BCG generalists work on shorter projects, allowing them broader client/industry exposure.

In addition, BCG GAMMA consultants naturally become subject matter experts, which gives them great exit opportunities in the field they have chosen to specialize in. In contrast, BCG generalist consultants have a broader swath of exit opportunities available to them.

Finally, due to the revenue BCG’s strategy work generates for the firm, BCG generalist consultants are the highest paid at the firm.

Now, the similarities.

Consultants in both the generalist and GAMMA practice areas are on the road – a lot. You can’t escape the travel as a part of BCG GAMMA.

In addition, BCG invests just as much (if not more) in training its GAMMA consultants. Expect best-in-class professional development and skill-building initiatives.

BCG GAMMA Interviews

Selected candidates participate in a series of interviews with GAMMA and generalist consultants. These interviews will typically include a test based on the role (such as a data science or coding test) and a case study. The BCG GAMMA data science test is the key difference compared to the BCG generalist consulting interviews, which don’t require such a test.

Other than this, you can expect GAMMA interview questions to be similar to “normal” BCG consulting case interviews. The BCG GAMMA interview questions will have both a behavioral and case component, with the caveat that BCG GAMMA cases only deal with a limited number of functional areas (AKA the services it provides).

GAMMA Full Time Lifestyle

BCG GAMMA consultant roles and generalist consultant roles align in many ways. The main difference is the focus on data science topics within GAMMA versus a broad range of topics within generalist consulting. This means that GAMMA consultants can expect similar amounts of traveling and the same level of intensity and expectations during consulting projects.

BCG GAMMA consultants also start with entry-level trainings along with their generalist consulting peers. Additionally, they are supported in their ongoing development in specific technical areas, with targeted training sessions at every step of their career.

Concluding Thoughts

Data analytics is in incredibly high demand, and that demand is not waning any time soon. Early on, BCG recognized the need for a dedicated AI/Big Data practice area to work further downstream with clients then what had been “usual.” There are key differences between BCG as most people know it and BCG GAMMA, including the BCG GAMMA interview questions, but also many similarities. If you have experience with big data, data analytics, applied mathematics, or similar field, a career at BCG GAMMA could be a good fit for you!

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