Creating an AI like Jarvis has been the Holy Grail of AI engineering.

The process that takes so long and every question just brings upon more questions.

Before ever deciding to create such an AI capable of recreating human intelligence, we must first figure out how the brain works and that is the problem.

We are yet to figure out the full power of what a human brain can do. So much science is still to be done to how it works and what we have learned so far seems to be only a fraction of this.

What do I mean by this?

Well if you were to just copy the neuro network what would result would be a copy of a human mind. We still haven’t analyzed what different body parts do to a brain and their results when they are replaced with electronics.

The problem with this is that we are trying to replicate a human mind onto an inanimate object. Our minds are so complex that it pumps our hearts for us. But imagine what it would pump on an electronic system.

That is why we are building based on the capabilities that it can do.

One such robot/AI called Vector or Cozmo is meant as a toy or maybe some office work with the capabilities of moving, sight, and hearing along with other sensory systems. It is just a normal AI that can work and play. It is not conscious, but if it were, It would interact in its own way to what it’s capable of.

If you are starting to get where I am going here then you know what this could mean.

We are creating life.

Of course, this life would mean that it would also want to survive. Thoughts of food, shelter, and even a mate or company would or might go through the life forms mind. And even though an AI would be considered electronic components on chips, It would have been given life not by the way Frankenstein would have done it but by human means.

This is all for now, more on this later on so stay tuned.