But by truly understanding the needs of the people and doing extensive research into the mechanics of depression and how to treat it, Rev1ve presents the system that leverages emerging technologies like brain-computer interfaces, internet of things, and machine learning, along with personalized medicine, to create the best means for depression treatment tailored to your mind and your needs. Simply put, Rev1ve will create a world in which each personal struggle with depression is treated in equitably personal ways.

Within the next 15 years, Rev1ve will grow to revolutionize the way we see mental health forever. In other words, preventable conditions like depression will be non-existent and our people will only live their best lives.

Rev1ve will transform the world of mental health within the next 15 years!

Starting with the Rev1ve headband, only to be worn for 10–20 minutes a day, we will return the balance of neurotransmitter levels in each brain to normal with the successful practice of transcranial direct current stimulation or tDCS. This technology directs a mild current through the brain to appropriately incite or suppress the necessary neurotransmitters to revert your brain chemistry, getting you to feel like yourself again!

The plan is simple.

  1. Your neurotransmitter levels are measured through the Revive headset’s neurotransmitter sensors → determine which neurotransmitter levels have run amok and are causing depressive symptoms ranging from changes in appetite to variation in mood!
  2. These neurotransmitter levels are sent to the Rev1ve mobile application which has been paired with your headset using bluetooth.
  3. A machine learning model takes these levels as input, calculates the delta between normal and depressed neurotransmitter levels and determines the corresponding magnitude and duration of tDCS treatment, and returns the appropriate stimulation to the electrodes in the headset.

Without it, it will not be possible for us to bring you version 2 and 3 of our product that are in store for 2030 and 2035! Early Diagnosis, Rev1ve version 2, leverages the unlimited potential of nanotechnology to reduce the headset to be discrete stickers that can be worn whenever you please and will read and provide the treatment within seconds of the onset of any depressive symptoms! Version 3 will be groundbreaking as it is the version of Rev1ve that will be able to inform you whether or not you’re at risk of developing mere depressive symptoms or the condition itself!

By joining our team, you will be a part of completely eradicating depression and other related mental health illnesses, but it doesn’t stop there. Within the next couple decades, Rev1ve will revolutionize the way we see mental health forever.

There are over 264 million battling depression worldwide, but these are 264 million people whose depression will be cured with Rev1ve!

Rev1ve. Your Brain. Your Recovery.