Digital Health 2020 – A practical cross-border insight into digital health law

Introduction –

Digital health refers to the intersection of information and communications technology (ICT) with healthcare. By leveraging the technological advancements of the Digital Revolution, digital health has the potential to increase access to high quality care and reduce inefficiencies associated with healthcare delivery. Digital health broadly includes mobile health (mHealth), telehealth and telemedicine, but its scope is constantly evolving in response to new technology (particularly in the realm of data collection, storage and analysis). Recent digital health offerings comprise of an array of products and services that include online medical booking, genetics tests, and even gamified mobile apps designed to incentivise healthy activity. Each of these technologies has the benefit of being oriented toward individual consumers, responding to their needs and offering the potential of personalising outcomes. Ultimately, these technologies will bring disruptive changes to the healthcare framework that will fundamentally alter the roles of patients, providers, payers, industry, and regulators.

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