The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) Casebook presents a framework for the organizational transformation of public service media (PSM) for today’s digital world. The Casebook shows what digital transformation looks and feels like at the operational level for PSM, illustrated through the lens of our Enablers Framework.

The Casebook features 18 studies which demonstrate the enablers of transformation, carefully selected from EBU Members that have excelled in particular critical areas. The Casebook examines the stories behind these successes and their implications for wider organizational change.

The Casebook is the first half of a two-part report. The second part – the DTI Playbook, available later this year – focuses on the design and execution of company-wide transformation initiatives. The two reports combine as a powerful tool to aid PSM create their own Digital Transformation strategies.

“The EBU Digital Transformation Framework has proven to be very effective in aligning senior stakeholders to the meaning, impact and consequences of Digital Transformation. The framework has also been used with great success in the development of our technology and distribution strategies.

Thanks to the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI), the framework is much more than a document. It is rather a method on how to think about Digital Transformation in strategic terms. It is in our opinion a very valuable and helpful tool to plan, think and act on transformation, even more so in very complex decentralized environments like SRG SSRs.”

– Thomas Saner, Senior Advisor, Strategy & Innovation, SRG SSR (Switzerland)