You must’ve imagined in your early years what the future would be like, where AI does the heavy work. Making lives better. As we all saw in science fiction movies about how technology can serve mankind. Mentioning references of games and movies like Blade Runner, Deus ex, & Ghost in the shell. Well, Elon musk is making that one future fantasy element into reality with his upcoming neural link technology. Which connects the human brain with computer interface A.K.A artificial intelligence, AI. Here are more details about future tech.

elon musk neuralink technology

The final test on humans for a neuralink to finish by the end of 2020.

Musk aspires to use neuralink technology to analyze and cure brain or spine-related disorders. which makes effective use of minuscule, flexible electrode “threads.” Implanted into the human minds with the help of a neurosurgical robot. With the possibility of creating high bandwidth brain-machine interface. (BMI) stating that it helps connect the human brain to an external device to form a brain-machine interface. However, musk also intends to use the implant as a means of enhancing the power of the brain.  Providing the possibility of merging with AI. Leading the world to “superhuman intelligence” stated by musk.

About neuralink technology.

Elon musk founded “Neuralink” in 2016, to create devices to treat human brains in the short term. With the real intention of “human enhancement”. Referred by many as “Transhumanism”. Musk said he got inspired by a science fiction concept “neural phrase” a science fiction novel by the name of “the culture”. The company remained highly secretive until 2018. Mentioned in public records that it claims to open an animal testing facility in San Francisco. Later Musk himself clarified that the technology yielded limited success, already as they got the monkey to “control a computer using brains.”

Musk neuralink startup has also created a neurosurgical robot, which is said to be capable of installing six threads into the human brain per minute. The threads would be separately inserted into the brain with “with micron precision” by a tiny needle at the end of a robot. Which measures around 24 microns in diameter. With this method, they would be able to target specific parts of the brain to avoid damaging blood vessels.

According to official sources neuralink operation claims to be safe & painless much more like laser eye surgery. Involving a two to the eight-millimeter incision in which to place the chip, which requires no stitches.

Musk even joked about in stage to the audience “Won’t feel a thing.”

Check out the neuralink presentation below.