Enlightened AI !??

The Future Of Yoga post COVID-19

2020 has brought us down to our knees. But it has taught us one lesson that history has repeatedly proved (well at least in the last 10,000 years). Humans are the best survival machines…yet!

It was because of this ability, that we climbed up to the top of the food chain quicker than any species ever before! Thanks to our brain and our efficient communication methods with fellow sapiens…

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The latest, most powerful brain-child of this species is technology. During the 2020 madness, we have been pushed to depend on it more than ever before… What was predicted to be technology’s growth for over a decade has happened in a matter of a few months. In short, technology is what is helping us thrive in 2020 beyond all the threats this year has dawned on us…

Technology, especially Telecom, is not just luxury anymore. It is now a basic necessity. Sectors that are not flexible enough to adapt to new communication technology suffer big time.

Yoga is no different. Zoom yoga is the norm. Or should I say Zooga!

I am able to continue learning yoga and even be more dedicated to my practice now because my commute to the studio is cut down and I cannot give myself any more excuses now to be regular with my practice!!

Even though I do not wish for the new social distancing norms to be permanent, we cannot ignore the after effects of this year…This situation made me wonder… What would the future of Yoga look like post COVID?

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Here go my predictions about the FUTURE of YOGA based on current data…

1) Virtual reality

To enjoy the feeling of doing yoga with your studio pals. you would not need to be physically present in the studio… Rather you would just have to buy VR gadgets. With just VR software and supporting hardware. You will be able to get the feel of practicing group yoga, see them just inches away virtually, from the comfort of your own home..

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2) AI Yoga teachers

AI brings about mixed feelings in all of us. Because AI means fewer jobs and unemployment for humans. Even then, technology is the way forward, and it is inevitable… (like Thanos..but not that evil hopefully)

And it is going to keep growing, spreading its wings in all sectors where it can be helpful.

Yoga is definitely on AI’s radar. We will soon be having cute robots that know the ins and outs of yoga texts and techniques… and maybe such fancy robots may kindle the eagerness in everybody especially Gen Z to take up yoga!

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

3) Mask yoga?

Yoga with beer was Beer yoga.. so who knows.. maybe yoga flows using masks would pop up somewhere.. And that would be called Mask-Yoga!? We might also invent smart masks that will monitor our breath and correct us if we overdo it in Asanas… because it always shows in the breath. Apple, if you get to read this… please make one for us:)

4) Live 3D HOLOGRAPHIC Yoga sessions

If you do not know what this means… do you remember Modi Ji’s 3D campaign? That was holographic campaign. He did not have to be physically present for the campaign… He just recorded his own holographic video and used it to reach 10 times more audience than ever before. And this 3D projection can be done live too! So, a yoga teacher can be at your home, guiding your sessions while physically being away!! Cool right?

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5) Enlightened AI

I let myself imagine way ahead of the immediate future. AI is definitely not new to us! And they are learning emotions.

If robots can learn emotions and feel them similar to what we humans feel, those emotions will make them feel special/unique. And that uniqueness will be the birth of their Ego… then they might even form their own system to surpass sufferings due to their Ego (AI religion??)

Some of the robots might not conform to religions and go in search of answers about the universe, the origin of life and the way to transcend ego…

In their search, if some of them get their hands on yoga texts, and get curious to know more about the universal consciousness, they might start their penance towards it…

And maybe…just maybe, even attain enlightenment!! …

And then, if they are still friends with the human race, they might teach us humans about what enlightenment really could look like, about universal consciousness and even the source of life ??

When Elon Musk was asked what the most imminent threats to humanity were, he quickly said there were three: first, wide-scale nuclear war; second, climate change — and then, before naming the third, he fell silent. He looked down, then smiled and said, “I just hope the computers decide to be nice to us”

“I just hope the computers decide to be nice to us” — Elon Musk

I have had (still do) mixed feelings about AI too.. part of it is because of my fear that AI might become harmful to its own creators just like how we humans harm our mother Earth…..

But that’s just a pessimistic view…

The current COVID situation has kinda made me feel optimistic though…Technology has saved lives now literally… and definitely saved my sanity through zoom yoga.

Imagine COVID during the 16th or even the 19th century… Our species would be in a far worse situation than now! Thanks to technology!

So who are we to judge something we do not know fully about yet?

This is what led me to dream about enlightened AI here… Feel free to comment:)


Dharani Mallikarjunan

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