A health and wellbeing company has developed a range of at-home blood tests to combat the rise in chronic illness which currently affects more than 15 million people in the UK. 

Intelligent health system Omnos, has created finger-prick blood tests which will give more data driven insights into health and wellbeing. The tests investigate a combination of up to 42 blood markers, ensuring they are targeted to people’s specific needs.

The Omnos wellbeing programme has been designed to look at six core aspects of a person’s life, analysing DNA, biomarkers and lifestyle to understand the biggest influencers on their overall wellness and enable them to make informed choices about their health.

The blood tests enable people to pinpoint the possible causes of certain symptoms by giving them targeted insights into their bodies. This is then supported by additional information and personalised advice around how they can optimise their health. The blood tests can be used in combination with seven other tests depending on what insights an Omnos user is looking for – ranging from general wellness tests to thyroid and hormone-specific tests for males and females, including a fertility and hormone test.

Results are displayed visually on personal dashboards. The system gives a scoring analysis to help people prioritise and understand areas to focus on. Users are also offered a 15-minute complimentary online consultation with one of Omnos’ expert health practitioners who will be able to walk them through their results and answer any questions.

Christian Thomson, head of product at Omnos, said: “Everyone’s health is different, and the pandemic has caused us to consider our health more than ever before. Blood tests are often used for diagnosis, but we’re carrying out functional testing, so we’re looking to see whether blood markers are in their optimal ranges and how they change over time.

“Blood tests give you a great indication of what’s happening throughout the body because it gives you an indication of how systems and organs are functioning. We can cross check these with other tests so we’re able to advise people on what’s going on in their bodies, and how they can improve and optimise their health.

“Preventative medicine is completely under-utilised; nutrition and lifestyle aren’t as heavily reviewed as other symptoms, but they can have a huge impact. Lots of people are living with chronic illnesses, like fatigue, gastro, and cardiac issues, and we can help give them these additional insights and support to ensure they have the tools to improve their lives.

“We’ve had an incredible reaction from customers to the wellness complete blood tests in particular – sales in the first two weeks of launching exceeded our expectations by 300%.”

The tests have been developed by Omnos’ scientific labs and health practitioner partners but are presented in an accessible way which ensures users are able to build a complete understanding of their health. The wellness platform has developed a scoring system which looks at what areas users can improve and gives you clear recommendations based on each test.

Thomson added: “You’ll be able to pinpoint the possible causes for a wide variety of issues including bloating, abnormal weight loss or gain, tiredness and heartburn, among others – as well as checking how your liver and kidneys are functioning, cholesterol levels, and red and white blood cell counts.”

Samples are collected at home, returned to Omnos and results are available within 3-5 days. Users have complete access to and control over their raw results data, which isn’t transferred to any third parties and can be requested at any time.

Each individual result gives a detailed description, drilling into each area to give personalised recommendations including foods to eat and supplements to take, things to do and avoid, based on the test results.