Changing the Game

Over 30 years ago, Insurity was an information systems pioneer and industry thought leader, and today, Insurity continues its tradition of changing the game, as we help our clients navigate their modern-day digital journeys. Over the past year, we’ve seen significant change in the competitive landscape, in policyholders’ demands and expectations, and in the maturity of data and predictive analytics as an integral, core component of an insurer’s digital solution suite.

At Connected 2020, our annual client conference, you will hear from some of the industry’s leading analysts as well as Insurity executives, sharing the latest trends in the industry and actionable insights, strategies, and best practices so that you can change the game for your customers.

And in the spirit of changing the game, to best ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients, and partners during the COVID-19 pandemic, Connected 2020 will be delivered as a virtual event! And recognizing that full-day virtual events can be challenging, we have chosen to stream the sessions over the course of several weeks—starting on May 12th—enabling you and your team to participate while still managing your day-to-day business demands.