What it means to live in the living in the age of AI → how it can change lives. What does it mean and how it change lives → that is how we will in the future → that is my future.

This man is really good with tech → this is not just math → this is life → the data is life → this is reality.

These logic things → are everywhere → they are everywhere → industry and more → automation. (there is a lot of hype but how can it help a lot of people → we need to make sure this technology is democratizing).

What and when is going to happen → this is the main idea of → machine learning.

Video games → they are the generation of being impacted by AI → how they will create an economy → what kind of economy will then imagine → what kind of future would they dream? → they are our hope who is their hope. (noticing the general change → and how it can affect culture → swift in mindset → swift in buying pattern → what they want).

Not a lot of trust right now → things are going to be different → since the incentives → are there for the economy to go around → increase productivity → that it is → or increase convenience.

Now machines are different → not just faster → thoughtful as well. (change a lot) → society functions.

Productivity → that is the ONLY game in the name → increase this mother fucker. (Udacity → self-driving cars → she uses sensors → bounce the light → point cloud map and more).

More data → better system → self-driving cars → they share all of the data → they can get smarter over time → but there are a lot of problems → someone can intentionally, skew the database.

These kids are growing up with that kind of automation → this is incredible → we have some great changes coming up! (people are building and doing a lot of different stuff).

Make connections → and gradient → the mathematical optimization → but there is a lot to think about.

The general idea → loss landscape → is that really true? → the smooth loss landscape does not apply to higher dimensions of spaces → curse of dimensionality → there are SHIT tons of distance between → each data point → cannot scale → finding the manifold is the key idea → and this relates to ECONOMY!


Build my own things → as a developer or as a coder → is very good → and interesting.

Pancreas Cancer → his tools comes in → this is a segmentation problem → very good → continue input the accuracy and more.

We need powerful machines → we need supercomputer → we can parallelize a lot of things → this is super cool.

Famers → they can and will use AI → it will create new things for us to do → free our time. (free ourselves for more competitive works).

Automation → is a key idea → as farmers → they want to control the machine → how can we produce more food while maintaining the same operation cost).

This is an AI reporter → not really sure if this is real → some digital company is taking AI → trying to do Live → that is what they did in Marvel.

Have to do this → via machine learning → that is it.

Getting better and better → this is crazy → play a younger version of myself → this is crazy → really hard to distinguish → in real-time.

Deep Fake → who is who? → expect a lot of changes. This is → going to be a problem → ML and AI → important questions → we need to set the rules right.

But AI can help → disabled people as well → since they are able to augment our human performance → this is another innovation → increased human potential.

Build things → that are what people are good at → we are nowhere close yet → but it would be much better.