AR is revolutionizing the way people have social interactions online. Augmented reality content, which until recently was only possible for simple face filters, is now more closely related to social activities by adding the ability to react to users’ motion and interaction in real time, and furthermore even during live streaming. In addition, companies often use AR as a marketing tool by linking these social activities to products. Augmented reality is now a technology that can be applied directly to real life immediately with common mobile phones, not a technology of the distant future.

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How is AR content changing for the future?

AR content has now become more than just something that is simply for entertainment, it is now a vehicle that can be a big boost to marketing. Many industries are incorporating AR in their product experience as users become familiar with AR as something they experience in daily life and not just for special events. Various and different marketing campaigns are starting to be conducted in connection with existing offline media such as newspapers, magazines, and outdoor advertisements. Nowadays, when online marketing is so dominant, AR is emerging as a defining link to the offline consumer market. The AR marketing market, which is diverse in use and endless, is expected to expand further in the future.

What AR content does the ARGear content team make? How do we make them?

Currently, the ARGear content team is working on a variety of tasks. These include AR content for the ARGear content store, IP stickers for the Samsung Galaxy Store, and AR content for South Korean telecom KT’s video chatting app.

Planning is the most important factor in making AR content. Even if the item is excellent technically or in design, the most important thing in the end is the planning that gets people’s empathy and adds fun. So, when creating an item, the ARGear team researches current trends and tries to create content that fits the target demographic using the actual respective apps.

What skills / skills are needed to create good content?

Good content is simply content that attracts people’s attention. It is important to quickly grasp the current global trends and present relevant, appropriate content. Content makers must actively utilize the functions that only AR can provide for content and deliver them with high quality in a timely fashion.

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