Insurance agencies report lengthy producer onboarding periods of up to 30 days, and in some cases even longer! 

This is frustrating for everyone:

  • Producers, who rely on being able to sell insurance for their income
  • Insurance agencies that need their producer force ready to sell as quickly as possible to meet their revenue and growth goals
  • Insurance carriers that depend on an active, licensed, and compliant producer workforce to distribute their insurance products to consumers

How much does slow producer onboarding cost? 

The answer depends on how much money the producer could be making, and how long they’re delayed before they can start selling. This can vary, but across the entire insurance industry, there are hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars being left on the table each month as producers wait on their licensing and appointments to be in order. 

Of course, someone is making that money. It just won’t be you or your insurance agency (or carrier, or MGA, MGU, or BGA) if you’re still spending an extended period of time waiting on producers to be ready to sell. In other words, insurance consumers are making purchasing decisions every day, and each day your producers aren’t ready to sell is a day a different carrier’s policy is sold by a different producer at a different agency. 

Why does it take so long to get insurance agents ready to sell? 

The answer includes various combinations of manual processes, producer-carrier contracting, data, and workflow silos within insurance carriers and insurance agencies, among other low-tech practices. 

When producers are held up in onboarding limbo, no one in the insurance distribution channel is getting what they need. This even impacts consumers, who may want to work with a particular producer but be unable to do so, and are then forced to settle for a lesser level of service because they need to get their policies effective today – not a month from now. 

Modernizing insurance producer onboarding

One of the largest insurance industry challenges is the length of time it takes for newly contracted producers to be ready to sell and to do so in full compliance with state and federal insurance regulations. Historically, insurance companies and insurance agency leadership have accepted this long process as the price of compliance. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Getting producers ready to sell quickly without sacrificing compliance can be done. It can also be a competitive advantage when done correctly. 

If you’re facing the challenge of how long it takes to get producers ready to sell, check out Ready Set Sell. This quick guide illustrates how much it could be costing you to have producers waiting around, and how to get your producers selling as quickly as the same day they start! 

If you’re already aware how big and costly a problem this is for your producer force, see how AgentSync can help. Get your producers selling faster by contacting today. 

About AgentSync

AgentSync powers rapid growth for insurance carriers, agencies, and MGAs by offering modern tools for producer management. With its customer-centric design, seamless APIs, and automation, AgentSync’s products reduce friction, increase efficiency, and maintain compliance, ultimately helping to improve the broker onboarding, contracting, licensing, and compliance processes. 

Founded in 2018 by Niranjan “Niji” Sabharwal and Jenn Knight, and headquartered in Denver, Colo., AgentSync has been recognized as one of Denver’s Best Places to Work, as a Forbes Magazine Cloud 100 Rising Star, an Insurtech Insights Future 50 winner, and is ranked 88 in Forbes – America’s 500 Best Startup Employers 2022.

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