From technology to agile data-driven processes.

The inefficient use of digital has created a complicated patchwork. That has left you with a difficult to manage technology stack. This has created additional licensing, delivery, storage, compute and human processing. These add duplication and additional costs.

This has created an inefficient and unsustainable use of digital and data. That increases risk and uncertainty. This leaves you vulnerable to risk and disruption.

You use agile delivery models. But, you IT is rigid, replicative and costly. That makes data difficult to build on, trust, visualise and learn from. This increases wastage, costs, time to value and duplicates effort.

Benefits data-driven processes provide.

Digital data has a flexible nature. This empowers you to reuse and support faster change within processes. That allows you to build on value and support line of business needs. This empowers faster time to value and lower ongoing costs.

Harnessing its flexibility creates agile and sustainable processes. This allows you to reduce delivery and data processing costs. That allows you to extract maximum value from your data.

You can build trust around data by removing its replication. This enables processes to use a single version of the truth. That allows you to add value and create higher quality information. This enables you to make better decisions faster, reducing risk, cost, time and wastage.

Simple solution to harness data-driven processes.

Our solution GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a simple, efficient harness.

G8CC provides business value by harnessing the flexibility digital provides. This allows you to reuse, govern and build on structured data. That empowers sustainable, trusted, data-driven processes.

It’s governance model allows you to get the greatest value from digital flexibility. G8CC allows you to govern access at an input level, differing from other structured solution. That’s because they control data access at a system level. Our governance model allows data to flow in a flexible, controlled and secure way. This allows you to reuse and extend data value across systems and traditional borders.

G8CC removes the duplicated, replicative and inefficient patchwork. That saves you time and money. It empowers your to create low risk, low cost, agile Apps. These support faster change as you reuse and build on existing investments. That allows you to benefits from ongoing sustainability and efficiency.

With G8CC you create an efficient way to reuse and build on data and investments. This driven efficiencies within processes that reduce risks. That reduces ongoing costs and delivers a lowers total cost of ownership.

Your can move beyond you inefficient patchwork. With G8CC you create simple, efficient data-driven processes. To start your journey you can Contact us here or take a tour of G8CC here.

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