It goes without saying that we live in a digital world. From AI (artificial intelligence) to AR (augmented reality) to cryptocurrency, digital innovation is changing the landscape and disrupting the traditional ways we live and work.

The workplace continues to be impacted by strides and technological advances in nearly every aspect. In fact, Microsoft recently reported that companies, to stay competitive, across the globe must “future-proof” their organizations not just by implementing the latest digital tools, but rather by creating a digital culture.

In no area of the business does competition become more critical, than in the area of human resources. If you just took pause because you were expecting the area of concern to be sales, marketing or even logistics, you’re not alone. Many business owners and decision makers at the top of their organizations spend their time and efforts focusing on bringing those areas to the digital forefront but overlook the importance of digital HR tools.

Here’s why amping up your digital HR tools matters:

  • Mobile devices now account for over a billion job searches, yet only 26 of Fortune 500 companies offer a mobile-optimized job application process
  • Mobiles are checked on average 81 times per work day
  • 75% of leaders in HR and talent management believe their companies are behind the curve in the use of internal and external HR technologies.
  • While companies lag behind, employees are looking more and more toward digital HR tools to further their careers. For example, Glassdoor has more than three million pieces of content contributed by employees, on more than 200,000 companies across 190 countries.

Source: Capgemini Consulting

5 Benefits To Bringing Your HR System Out Of Its Analogue World To The Digital Era

Communicate to retain

Precise, timely and transparent internal communications are an essential element to an engaged (and content) workforce. Retaining good employees is a top challenge for companies, especially in today’s highly-competitive job market. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 15% of employees feel as though their employers offer open and consistent communication, and more than one in eight said they place open and honest communication above costly perks such as free food, and gym memberships. For organisations that have spread-out and non-desk employees, keeping the lines of communication open and strong is more of a challenge than ever. Digital tools such as apps and mobile intranets can allow you to push out key notifications, provide easy access to staff directories and allow employees to interact with their managers and co-workers right from their smartphones. From online time-off requests to co-worker collaboration to important document access, technology tools can help solidify the communication you have with your employees.

Cut down on the papercuts

The old adage, “time is money” has never been truer than in today’s budget-obsessed business world, yet many of our HR processes are still done in ways that waste time. Technology tools such as workforce apps can be used to streamline processes that drain your team resources and increase productivity overall. The utilization of digital platform as opposed to paper forms can save money in supplies, increase employee satisfaction and allow room for innovation. Think of the time-saving when an employee can access an employee timesheet app to log hours or find an answer to a policy question from a knowledge base right from his or her phone.

Tap into the power of data

Marketing professionals have been singing the praise of big data for years now, but it’s been slow to move its way into the HR department. Digital HR tools can help your organisation tap into the power that data offers in terms of providing the ability to provide targeted and personalised messaging to increase employee engagement and satisfaction as well as allowing for key insights from performance reviews that will improve the success of your business by assessing shortcomings and optimising strengths.

Create a connected culture

More and more companies are finding a sustainable competitive edge through culture. Millennial job seekers especially are seeking out positions in organisations that offer a positive culture, even above salary packages and other creative perks. The downside is that more and more workforces are spread out, remote and, in many cases, not even attached to a laptop, making creating that tight culture next to impossible without the use of digital HR tools such as mobile apps and intranets that can be accessed from multiples devices. Staying connected is one of the best ways to start and encourage culture. Tech tools can help employees collaborate, communicate and get to know each other as well as ensure that everyone is synced up with your company’s mission and values even when they rarely meet face to face.

Make “day one” the start of something fantastic

Onboarding and training new employees is an often overlooked, yet critical, aspect of any company’s recruiting and retention efforts. Additionally, if these activities are done ineffectively, they could expose your business to compliance risks and create an ineffective, unproductive workforce that damages your brand. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 35% of undertrained employees will actually leave their job in the first year due to dissatisfaction. Don’t leave onboarding and training to employees who are ill-equipped to handle these important tasks, use technology, such as workforce apps, to streamline, standardise and document the process.

Your business’s success may depend on how well your HR department works. Digital HR tools can help you retool your enterprise from its current analogue environment to a modern, effective one that is digitally-savvy. Take your human resources department to new levels where it:

  • Operates more efficiently
  • Encourages a strong culture
  • Promotes employee engagement
  • Measures performance and provides feedback
  • Consistently communicates with employees
  • Mitigates against risk
  • Cultivates productivity and collaboration

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