How Will IoT Change the WorkSpaces of Tomorrow

The Internet of Things (IoT) has slowly been adapted across different industries over the past few years which has led to amplified opportunities for integration of physical systems with computer systems to enhance efficiency, economic advantages, and reduced human interference. Over the past few years, IoT has had a revolutionary impact on the buildings and real estate market by evolving traditional models and providing significant new opportunities in terms of elevating employee productivity and maximizing energy savings.

Access Control

Conventional keys and locks are slowly fading away in terms of practicality because they have been replaced by more advanced electronic access control devices. Now, it takes nothing more than a smartphone app or a card to manage workplace security.. Cloud-enabled access control systems allow the management to not only allocate granular access rights to different members of your organization, but also to carry out remote unlocks and set a variety of automated rules. With the most modern solutions you can for instance unlock a door with a single command, monitor trends in accesses overtime, integrate with other security systems, amongst so many others.


Sensors can be used to better analyse employee movement, create smarter spaces, and increase the employee experience. Sensors can estimate who is in the room, smoothly display digital content for meetings, record notes from presentations, coordinate schedules, regulate which office supplies are used most frequently, monitor activity, amongst so much more. When implemented correctly, community members agreed that IoT- linked sensor devices can increase productivity and efficiency.

Smart Lights

Intelligent lighting can improve workspaces in a variety of different ways. For example, smart bulbs can monitor user schedules. These lights can also adjust brightness and colour balance throughout the day. There are many advantages with smart lights — minimizes eye strain, stress, and discomfort.

Equipment With IoT Tagging

Asset management can be a primary worry for many businesses. With the Internet of Things now in place, the devices and equipment in an office can easily be tracked over network connectivity features.

Especially with eminent brands such as #SchneiderElectric entering the foray of smart building, building automation, and building management systems — the future prospects of commercial IoT in workspaces looks extremely bright. Along with this, the brand is also a leader in the domain of electrical switches and electrical sockets. #LifeIsOn