How your digital twin will increase your health

Nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and other technologies will improve your health

Billions of nanobots are flowing around in your body and are collecting an enormous amount of data, every moment. The sheer amount of data from our bodies is the perfect field for artificial intelligence and their hunger to learn from this data and foresee new connections. Your entire body is thus digitally replicated. Let’s call your digital twin Avery.

With all these data, from all humans on this planet, Avery will know if you are healthy or sick. With constantly analysing yours and others data, Avery will also see if you are developing a cold or a more severe disease such as cancer. Receiving a message of becoming cancer does not cause a panic attack anymore because Avery knows for most of the identified diseases how to fight and react. Avery will update the nanobots and send them to the right place to fix or fight the disease in an early stage.

Controlling epidemics or pandemics will be handled by Avery as well. As soon as Avery detects a new disease and since it is a connected system, it will warn people who were in contact (Contact-Tracing), so they can go into self-isolation. Also, Avery starts to analyse the new pathogen together with health scientists to find a way to fight it.

Avery will show your health status, suggests exercises or a new meal plan to keep you healthy. You can define your targets, and Avery will act as your coach. Avery will protect you against known and new diseases and keep you healthy, even in old age.