We are living in the most comfortable times ever known to humans, surrounded by machines that obey our orders and make our life easier. People nowadays have a romantic relationship with technology, they are so excited about how new innovations are changing the world which can more easily satisfy their needs and wants.

Let me ask you a direct question in this regard, how would you feel if you were released from your current job because the company replaced you with a robot?

This is not a science-fiction scenario, economists have long discussed a new type of unemployment, they call it “technological unemployment”, were companies replace your job with robots or computer software, which has caused a high rate of unemployment around the world.

To simplify my point of view, when you become a company owner you have to ask yourself a question, why do I need to deal with human workers when they can be replaced by robots? Robots don’t complain, get tired, take vacations, need sick leaves, or show up late, and it can work all day and all night. Furthermore, it will reduce the company costs and increase its profitability, which is the reason any company exists.

For example in 2012, Amazon company bought 15,000 robots with a total amount of $775 million for warehouse management systems, to help complete online orders, designed to pick-up and deliver entire warehouse items, which caused releasing many employees.

Technology is changing the types of jobs that are available, some jobs could be replaced with robots or software programs, and you can read the studies about the jobs that are at risk of automation in the future to predict the risks to your career.

In the near future, technology is a threat to create more unemployment; companies nowadays can increase their productivity with fewer employees. Keep this unhappy scenario in your mind while choosing your career, even myself, I know my current job could be automated, but I will keep this information as I plan for my future.