When ZDNet’s sister site Tech Pro Research surveyed IT leaders about the state of digital transformation in their companies, only 20 percent said they have a strategy firmly in place. As Mary Shacklett, author of the research report on the survey said, “although computerized digitalization first began to form into an earnest strategy in the 1940s, the idea of systematically transforming a company and its business operations into a digital organization is still an emerging concept at most companies.”

As outlined in this infographic, almost all respondents said their companies had taken steps toward a digital transformation, despite not having an overarching strategy in place. The most popular efforts undertaken so far were eliminating paperwork in favor of digital tools, adopting social media for purposes like sales and recruiting, and implementing online training for employees. The survey also asked what companies’ next steps toward digital transformation will be, as well as what roadblocks stand in the way of a complete transformation.

For more findings, including what transformation technologies provided the greatest — and the least — return on investment, how much companies are spending on digital transformation, and what companies want from vendors, download the full report: Digital Transformation 2017: Strategy, Returns on Investment, and Challenges (Tech Pro Research subscription required.)

Image: Erik Underwood/TechRepublic