A really interesting announcement from Nationwide Insurance in North America – a ‘permanent shift to work from home’. It paid off when 98% of the workforce needed to work from home given their investments in technology recently.

This changes everything in my view, from: the number of people travelling to and from work, work life balance, mental health, community, flexibility and so much more.  Years of investment, and the result of the world we find ourselves in right now, have proved the people are working ‘as normal’. Of course all of this has counter effects too that over time will need to be monitored and dealt with.

 “Our goal is to ensure that when a recovery comes, we’re prepared to win business with competitively priced solutions while enhancing our resiliency and operational efficiency,”  Kirt Walker, CEO. 

They plan to be out of all buildings by 1st November. Personally, I love this. In my view, winners will be based on big bold moves. Now is not the time for evolution in my personal view, it’s time for revolution! 

Now, what if every insurer, bank or corporate follows suit? What does this mean for the future of the city as we once knew it? Would love your thoughts.