Is a real-time mobile AI fitness / health coach right for you?

After 12 months of blood, sweat, and tears, we’re taking Exer out of stealth in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. An unprecedented time in history, where our small but awesome team has been fully remote for 8+ weeks, working hard to get this platform finished and our first app of many out the door. Our hope (and mission) is to help millions of people move, train, and play better.

Here’s my ask for you if you’re reading this, go check out our full page on Product Hunt. Drop us some love and feedback (if that’s your thing), then go download our first app!

Here’s the quick download:

  • The idea for Exer originated back in early 2018, when I was digging into the connected fitness industry (originally, to make an investment). I couldn’t find anything at an early-stage that was broad-based enough or that had enough of a true tech advantage.
  • We uncovered two major pain points for consumers back then that are still true today: 1) I don’t know if I’m doing it right and 2) working out by myself isn’t as fun or motivating as being in a class or studio (even though it’s cheaper and more convenient)
  • Our thesis back in 2018 is the same as it is in 2020: AI has gotten good enough on the edge (a smartphone) that we can help augment a real human coach, we’re not trying to replace one.
  • How? Using a mobile AI coach, that we built from scratch, who gives instant feedback just using smartphone camera (total privacy and no info sent to the cloud)
  • How do we not replace coaches? We have a platform for coaches to use our AI to extend what they do (especially in these crazy times when gyms or PT clinics aren’t open). They can add their own voice, create their own teams, or use our tools to track what their clients are doing.
  • We raised $2.5m last year from my partners at Signia and a great group of angel investors, and have been building the platform and apps ever since.
  • Free and on-demand: we’ll add premium features down the line but the base level of AI coaching will always be free ala Spotify or Dropbox
  • Anyone can download our first AI coaching app (Perfect Plank by Exer) on the App Store as of today. We’re donating 1 meal to Feeding America for every 1 min of plank time on the app in May 2020. Please come plank for a good cause! Even 30 seconds is appreciated…

We’ve got many more apps to come…so, please keep in touch if you want more info. See you on the leaderboards!