Is AI the future? — Recent innovations and the future of AI


AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending topics of interest in the tech industry.

The interest of today’s youth is leaning towards AI, so the question that arises is: what exactly is the future of AI?

The most complicated capacities to achieve are those that need interacting with unrestricted and not previously prepared surroundings. Designing systems with these capabilities requires the integration of development in many areas of AI.

Among future activities, we believe that the most important research areas will be hybrid systems that combine the advantages of systems capable of reasoning on the basis of knowledge and memory use with those of AI based on the analysis of massive amounts of data, that is, deep learning. Today, deep-learning systems are significantly limited by what is known as “catastrophic forgetting.” This means that if they have been trained to carry out one task and are then trained to do something different, they completely forget what they learned for the previous task. This limitation is powerful proof that those systems do not learn anything, at least in the human sense of learning.

Recent Innovations

Rapid advances in the field of artificial intelligence have profound implications for the economy as well as society at large. These innovations have the potential to directly influence both the production and the characteristics of a wide range of products and services, with important implications for productivity and employment. However, as important as these effects are likely to be, artificial intelligence also has the potential to change the innovation process itself, with consequences that may be equally profound, and which may, over time, come to dominate the direct effect.

Tesla’s Autopilot:

It is one of the great example of the automated revolution. It is the world’s first AI powered driving experience. It is the semi- autonomous driving feature that includes speed adjusting, lane- change, automatic braking, collision and accidents prevention. In this advanced technology car using Artificial Intelligence, the person in the driver’s seat is there only for the legal reasons. He doesn’t have to do anything because the car is driven itself. For autopilot, Tesla takes data from each cars using the new automated steering or lane change system and the uses it to train its algorithms. Tesla then takes these algorithms, tests them out and incorporates them into operating software.So, Machine learning is the way by which the computers can become Artificially intelligent and Tesla’s Autopilot is an important technology coming in front in the form of AI.

Siri Virtual Assistant

Siri is the well-known virtual assistant which uses voice recognition and typed commands in order to perform a certain task within a device. Siri is considered one of AI most used applications. The application simply takes the input from the user such as (e.g. Call mom) and try to find the most related keywords used in this command. Siri tries to eliminate inconsistent result through using the language pattern recognizer and from there to active ontology by searching through the contacts, then it tries to relate the contact named “Mom” and perform the task which is in this case is “Calling” and finally the output of this action will be “calling mom” and to consider all the possible situations refer to the diagram below.

AI Glasses

AI glasses have seen to be a great magic of Artificial Intelligence especially for the children suffering from autism. The children suffering from this disease are not able to recognize the emotions through facial expressions. Autism glass are the wearable glass that uses machine learning and real-time social cues so that people suffering from autism can interact with each other. Whenever a patient wants to use it, they simply wear it on their eyes. The glass have front facing camera which uses machine learning and AI the recognize the expressions of other people. It is connected to the app so that patient’s parents, professionals can check the amount of improvement in emotions recognizing capability of the patient.

Some final thoughts

No matter how intelligent future artificial intelligences become, even general ones, they will never be the same as human intelligences.

The fact that machines will not follow the same socialization and culture-acquisition processes as ours, further reinforces the conclusion that, no matter how sophisticated they become, these intelligences will be different from ours.

On the other hand, AI is helping us a lot in our day to day lives by making many complicated or time consuming tasks easier and faster for us. It is also very helpful for people with certain conditions or difficulties.

So, AI might not take over the world but it will definitely help in improving our world and make our tasks easier.