LexHeal — A Family Healthcare App

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

There are now over 2 Lakh+ health apps available on the top app stores worldwide. What does it mean? This means that there is a lot of expectation or demand from people as well as health care service providers and a comprehensive solution is yet to arrive.

As technology evolves, it simultaneously opens up the possibility of being used in multiple ways. There are mobile applications that place all patient data — from past medical history to performance metrics, patient feedback, changes in the treatment patterns and schedules, at the push of a button on the smartphone application for the medical professional to consider and decide on the go. In India, to name, most of us know of “Practo”. It’s a good app, but how many of us have used this for the above-mentioned features? To me, it appears more apt to advertise for doctors than for a common citizen. Most reports or prescriptions you see there are uploaded by healthcare professionals like your doctor/clinic or so.

Having studied the psychological aspect of people on why are they not able to use multiple apps available consistently, comes with the unique concept of family healthcare as a package — LexHeal. Co-founder — Shreyak and Samyak, both alumni of IIIT-Bangalore have done phenomenal work in the direction. Leaving their corporate life and making their dream true is a commendable job. Prakash, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and ISB-Hyderabad, has stood firm to the role of promoter.

Let me talk about LexHeal specifically.

Initially, when I got to know about it, I just thought if this is something like Practo with a little modified version. But after I downloaded in my hand-phone, could realize how different this is comparing to any other app. Excellent user interface and use of Artificial Intelligence. this is not right to compare this with any other apps. I could feel it. No cost to the individual. I was so excited to create my diabetic profile and now, can track my sugar/BP level excellently well. Now, I have a reminder for my medicines. Interestingly, it helps me understand when I should do my test next. Most importantly, it’s a repository for all my medical history. It can just go on… I would like to appreciate the developers and team who thought through the pain area one can pass through. Excellent outcome.

As an upgrade, they have added exporting and importing features which would enable users to share the graphs/trend with their doctors even through Whats App. They can self-upload the data/reports.


I was further excited to know that we can create multiple profiles like diabetic, pediatric, for self, kids, spouse, parent and monitor the growth and well-being of complete family on a single platform. I realized this when my father was sick last year. How can I track reports and the health condition of my father? I recollect when my mother suffered from cancer. It was a nightmare to be at different places and trying to know or advise on her treatment. Even my son had a repetition of urine infection and I was struggling to search his previous reports. Now I realize, how this app would have helped me in all those scenarios. Inclusion of all these worries makes it a family health app in true sense. This has been primarily designed with family health in mind based on the unique concept of “health profile”. The health profile provides comprehensive healthcare tools on a single platform.

I am not surprised to see that already there are 1000+ downloads and the number of active users on the rise.


Don’t you think that LexHeal has its unique USP for family healthcare as a package? Is it not the need of the hour when many of the people are away from their family members for various reasons? Is it not helpful in the time when there is a rush to run behind profession and money and least of personal attention? Does it not go with transformation in the so-called modern lifestyle? Invite your input.

Stay safe, stay healthy with LexHeal!

Download the app now: https://bit.ly/lexheal