These last few years I’ve heard so many horror stories about pet insurance. Thousands payed over the years only to have coverage refused after the expensive surgeries and rehabilitation. I’ve not been able to see any variety of pet insurance that doesn’t seem like a straight up scam.

One such research session brought up an article about yet another victim, and layed out some simple math, if the owners had put the insurance money in a bank account, with no interest because it’s in the 20teens, everyone in the article would have been able to pay the vet fees out of pocket.

I recently adopted 2 14 year old cats. Bit of a dark story but that’s not what the post is about

They’re old enough that we don’t intend to go to extreme medical measures to save them if/when they need it, but even non extreme measures cost a lot so I’ve been saving for that rainy day

Well I put 50% of that pot into crypto on Thursday during the delightful sale the market offered, and I’m very sure of the fact this was a better move than giving insurance companies a cent.

Eta: please even if you think everything I’ve said it’s speculative dangerous garbage, take this message; ADOPT SENIOR CATS

Eta 2 Cat tax

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