The digital transformation era is impacting all industries as organizations are leveraging technology to drive new innovation, improve business agility, and streamline operations. IDC recognizes that forward-thinking organizations understand the connection between the optimization of their facility and achieving the broader goals of cybersecurity and physical security, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

The rapid pace of changes in technology, ongoing budgetary challenges, and a scarcity of talent are leading organizations to leverage service partners that can deliver the expertise and guidance in organizations’ transformation journey. Digital transformation is to be undertaken with deliberate considerations to minimize the exposure to risk and maximize the potential for success. 

IDC Survey

IDC, a premier global market intelligence firm, has engaged with over 1,400 business decision-makers on how they select third-party service providers to help address their operational business needs. Discover what your industry peers have to say about why they initiate service partnerships.

Source: "Maximizing Business and Operational Resilience Through Services" white paper by IDC

Download the "Maximizing Business and Operational Resilience Through Services" white paper published in April 2020 by IDC. The white paper is sponsored by Schneider Electric

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