Medopad rebrands as Huma and acquires two health tech companies

London based healthcare firm- Medopad recently announced its rebranding as Huma, along with the purchase of two AI and wearable technology firms with an aim to reinforce its mission to play a major role in discovering digital biomarker.

According to Dan Vahdat, Founder and CEO, Huma, the firm focuses on the data gathered through remote monitoring to help life sciences, healthcare and innovation partners to analyze, treat and restrict poor health. It helps the companies achieve competitive edge over other health tech businesses that are focusing on monetizing data.

Vahdat further adds that relaunching the company with a new name that references its commitment to human patients during the COVID-19 pandemic is in line with its mission to pave solutions that may be adopted by patients, through partnership and collaborations.   

Additionally, rising coronavirus cases has driven new trends in the understanding of health data and how it is used to manage and monitor treatments. Due to serious complications, the potential for apps to manage the digital health has witnessed widespread recognition.

Reportedly, the acquisition of BioBeats along with its proprietary AI technology BioBase, as well as Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) with its device-based blood pressure monitoring senor, will now add cardiovascular and mental health support to the company’s prevailing remote patient monitoring system.

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In a statement by the company, the unrecorded data points that are generated by human bodies can establish new insights regarding the health of people, similar to visualizing and mapping that has been done by the genome.

Apparently, the digital biomarkers will assist the company in understanding the cause of a disease, its progress and measures to prevent it. The newly purchased companies, TLT and BioBeats allow Huma’s partners to have a holistic understanding of people’s wellbeing and health with the help of enhanced data.

Notably, Huma is expected to make an announcement regarding its approach to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming weeks.

For the record, the company’s rebrand follows a US$50 million investment from firms like NWS Holdings, Bayer and others. It also includes the appointment of Alan Millburn, former health minister of the U.K., to the board chair.


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