Mindset: The New Era of Neuro-Technology.

Mindset: Who we are.

Mindset is a company that is dedicated to integrating Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) into daily life. We believe that by implementing these emerging technologies into the average day-to-day, we can optimize your daily experiences and maybe make your life better.

BCIs are an extremely influential technology. They create a way for brains and computers to directly communicate.

Think about that: We live in a world where a technology that allows people to communicate to devices with only their thoughts, actually exists. We can control technology with our minds. To put that into perspective, TV was only invented 93 years ago.

BCIs have helped quadriplegic patients operate robotic limbs to perform daily activities like eating. They’ve been used to help reduce the number of seizures in epileptic patients. They’ve even been used to help improve retinal function in patients with damaged eyes.

But beyond healthcare, researchers and developers have speculated possible BCI applications in every field from education, to entrepreneurial opportunities, to enhanced intelligence.

The problem is it’s not actually being implemented. Most current research is limited to healthcare and smart devices, so this technology isn’t accessible to the general public on a daily basis. This means despite being an exponential tech, it’s not where it should be in terms of helping as many people as possible.

Mindset is developing several different applications of BCIs to change that; here are a few things we’ve been working on:

  1. Mental health and stress levels – Keeping you healthy.

As a company, Mindset recognizes self-care is important, we all get stressed. More now than ever people struggle with feeling overwhelmed whether it’s related to family, work, or health. It’s a universal experience, and it’s getting worse. Studies show that 83% of American workers feel work-related stress, that stress can have serious mental and physical health repercussions such as depression, personality disorders, anxiety, heart attacks, high blood pressure and more.

Mindset will use wearable technologies to track pulses and the neural activities using EEG signals to detect stress levels. Mindset will detect the user’s stress levels and help them make decisions on when’s a good time to be at work or when should they take a break and relax, which in addition to helping to maintain a healthy work/life balance, also increases your focus and productivity.

2. Security – Keeping you safe.

Currently, the most common way to get access to software or hardware is still passwords, with all the hassles that go with it: they’re hard to set, easy to forget, and frequently hacked. Researchers are already experimenting with ‘pass thoughts’ as an alternative, and have shown that a BCI that can fit inside an earbud can pick up thoughts with enough reliability to be used as a method of authentication.

Mindset is committed to making this a reality in the future, and we’re working to develop the software and hardware to make this available to the general public by 2022.

3. Smart home – Connecting your devices.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting emerging technologies as it connects all the devices to the cloud or the internet. Companies like Amazon, Apple, Verizon, Visa and MasterCard are all implementing IoT into their products. Smart home is utilizing IoT to connect all the devices in your home in conjunction with each other which automates manual processes. Which gives you more time to spend doing things you love, and increases efficiency and saves resources like water, electricity, and energy.

Mindset is looking to take the concept of smart home one step further and connect your thoughts to communicate and control your household devices. We believe that this is a large component to our mission of integrating BCIs into daily life.

What to expect from Mindset in the future.

Companies like Neurable and Neuralink are jumping at the opportunity to use this tech that literally has the potential to read minds. They’re doing that because even though this is an incredibly influential technology, as a market it is still in its infancy. Mindset believes that BCIs are going to be a big part of the future, and we’re really passionate about seeing that happen. Hopefully after knowing more about our company, you can share that passion too.