What is NeoInsured?

NeoInsured is a product of Neotralo AG, a Switzerland-based online comparison site for health insurance, bank services, loans, and personal insurance. NeoInsured is an insurance solution based on the blockchain technology that allows users to utilize artificial intelligence to optimize their insurance needs while having access to the best insurance the market has to offer

Through NeoInsured, users do not need to compare insurance options in the market as the platform does this with its technology. Its algorithm automatically optimizes all insurance needs for users while protecting their data. NeoInsured is also developing a platform that will offer its users unique cashback rewards in the form of iNeo Coin.

The current project status

NeoInsured was established in Switzerland as a pilot and is currently under development so it can launch to a wider user base. Currently, there are around 150 Swiss insurance companies that have trusted the solution being offered by NeoInsured. The project is currently in the execution phase, having completed the initiation and planning phases. This third phase is planned to be completed by Sept. 2021 after the project is completely ready for users.

At the moment, the team is preparing the pitch deck and whitepaper so that users and interested investors can have more information and details about the direction of the project. These will also be used to plan for the fundraising round, planned for May or June 2021.

The fundraising will enable the project access to funds to integrate all the blockchain functionalities to the Neotralo app so it can be more secure and also create the token cashback program for the app users. Additionally, it will allow the team to develop the project and make it ready not only for the Swiss market but for global users. The funds will be also used to market NeoInsured to the crypto market, attracting more users.

The pilot platform is planned to be released in Switzerland first, before it is slowly released to other regions. The reason for this is to first test it to a small user base, fix any issues that might be present before adapting to insurance issues and enlisting insurance companies from other regions. Taking in the global scope at once would be too overwhelming, as the platform seeks to analyze all insurance companies and offer data comparing their services for users. This will therefore take time.

The prospective future of NeoInsured

Currently NeoInsured is receiving a lot of enquiries about the project and release date so that users can benefit from data protection from the platform as well as automated insurance data and for investors to participate in the iNeo Coin launch. The huge interest in the project even at this early stage shows the need for its solution in the market. This is the motivation to keep working to deliver an innovative project that allows users to earn rewards, while enjoying data protection as well as comparison for insurance services, bank loans and bank services from any region.

Through NeoInsured, users will be able to access the best financial services in the market as well as earn rewards through the platform’s unique cashback program.