These sessions complete an organization transformation program to transition an organization towards whole system optimization. Intelligent Management works with the top management to establish the goal and strategy of the company using a science-based method, the Decalogue. Once a complete strategy has been created, the detailed, step-by-step implementation plan is rolled out throughout the entire organization.

Phases of organization transformation

Each phase of the transformation is carefully programmed, implemented and monitored with systemic Thinking Processes (see diagram below). Projects are mapped out and scheduled using the ground-breaking Project Management approach from the Theory of Constraints known as Critical Chain, supported by our software for systemic Project Management Ess3ntial.

The transformation program includes:

  • goal and breakthrough strategy sessions with top management
  • group training sessions using the Thinking Process Tools
  • creation of transformation roadmap
  • scheduling of tasks with Critical Chain
  •  monitoring of progress with feedback cycle
  •  clear instructions
  • The Network of Projects Organizational Design


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