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25 May 2022

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StartGrowthHack: Mindset shifts for organization transformation: – From Profit to Purpose – From Controlling to Empowering – From Privacy to Transparency – … #DigitalTransformation #Branding #Digital #GrowthMindset #AI Via evankirstel Uriferna ipfco… 

Digital Transformation

What are #Microservices and how are they transforming the tech industry? @BoozAllen #DigitalTransformation leaders talked with Eberhard Wolff @ewolff who literally wrote the book on the topic: [podcast] ——————— ➕See his book here: 

Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence is a Strong Reality to the Economy. How you can Reinvent your Business with AI. Link >> @opexanalytics @McKinsey_MGI via @antgrasso #AI #ML #DigitalTransformation