San Francisco-based, virtual health platform

will provide access to telemedicine services for Fitbit users amidst COVID-19.

From the new COVID-19 resource tab in the

app, users will be able to easily access PlushCare’s app to book a virtual doctor’s visit. Users in the US will be able to speak with top medical professionals for primary care services, including ongoing medical conditions, prescription refills and urgent issues like screening for COVID-19.

“We are very excited to work with Fitbit to further raise awareness and help educate consumers about the importance of using telemedicine during a time like this. As the United States continues to battle COVID-19, we at PlushCare are committed to providing Americans with the highest level of virtual care via accessible and high quality, low cost primary care services.” – Ryan McQuaid, CEO and Co-Founder of PlushCare.

Established in 2015, PlushCare is a virtual health platform offering affordable primary care medical services to patients in all 50 U.S. states. It has conducted more than 225,000 patient visits and diagnosed over 3,500 medical conditions and is in-network with most major insurance providers throughout the US. The average patient costs are similar to a standard co-pay.

“During this unprecedented time, Fitbit continues to look for ways to provide information and resources to help people stay healthy. We are proud to work with PlushCare to connect our users with the medical care they need from the safety and comfort of their own homes. This telehealth service is easily accessible through our new dedicated COVID-19 resource tab in the Fitbit app, which also provides helpful fitness tools and content, as well as updates from trusted sources like WHO.” – Amy McDonough, general manager and SVP, Fitbit Health Solutions

Fitbit’s new dedicated COVID-19 tab makes it easy to access information, support and resources in one place. In addition to connecting with a doctor virtually through PlushCare, it allows users to access the most relevant tools and content to help users stay healthy at home, like new clock faces with reminders to wash your hands, reminders to move, and at-home workouts and mindfulness breaks via the Fitbit Premium 90-day free trial offer, among other features. The app includes up-to-date information from the World Health Organization and access to the Scripps Research DETECT Study.

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