Popular digital healthcare companies at the forefront of digital transformation

Digital Transformation in healthcare has been an ongoing process for a few years now has had a hugely positive impact on the industry as a whole. The US healthcare market is estimated to have national healthcare spending worth $5.7 trillion by 2026. The integration of digital in the world of healthcare has been a game-changer especially in terms of treatment, diagnosis, and tracking health. According to a report by IQVIA, digital health apps are estimated to save around $7 billion annually in healthcare costs, especially on expenses spent on treating and managing diseases. 

Major digital trends are set to define the digital healthcare industry in the coming year and, thereby, see a lot of focus and attention from tech giants and investors. Major tech giants across the US are betting big on digital health, from Alphabet to Apple to Amazon is involved in healthcare in some way or another.

Big tech giants in healthcare

Digital health is already taking over as the next big thing in healthcare thereby providing enough and more reasons for tech giants to invest in healthcare. Health data collection and analysis is precious for the individuals as well as companies providing products and services around them and is another reason why companies are focussing on it.

Here are the top digital healthcare companies transforming healthcare in the US:

The company aims to detect cancer early, at a stage where it can be cured. The company works to develop a blood test, which is a combination of science, technology, and population-scale clinical studies that can result in early-stage cancer detection. By transforming the way science and technology is used to make a breakthrough in early cancer detection, Grail is one of the leading digital health company in the US.

Tempus’ mission is to make precision medicine by combining the power of data with artificial intelligence. The company works with clinical and molecular data to make this data accessible to deliver personalized patient care and develop better options for patients.

A personal genetics company, 23andMe home delivers personal saliva kits to help you understand and explore your ancestry and genetics in a unique new way. The company delivers the saliva kits which consumer sends back with the collection tube and barcode to their lab and the company gives out the DNA report in 3-5 weeks.

23andMe is also now working to find out if a person’s genes may add to the severity of the virus’s infection and its impact on the person’s body. The aim is to identify specific genetic variants that might be associated with how severe the disease can be on you.

As the name suggests, HeartFlow focusses on transforming the way diagnosis and management is done of coronary arteries across the world. Their products range from analysis to planner. The HeartFlow planner allows a patient to analyse multiple treatment strategies before entering the lab.

Proteus is the world’s first digital medicine program which gives medications with sensors. Proteus Discover improves health outcomes by helping patients keep track of their medications and build a complete picture of the patient’s health. Proteus further help doctors by providing objective information that they can use to tailor medicine intake and treatment as per each individual.

Butterfly iQ is making medical imaging accessible to everyone on the planet. Butterfly combines the power of imaging with machine learning and cloud computing to transform diagnostic imaging. The company aims to profoundly impact how imaging is done by making handheld devices which are easy to carry.

Sanitas, a US healthcare provider, allows patients to directly talk to their Sanitas doctor by video from the safety of your home. Further, it has tied hands with health-data startup Innovaccer to back a virtual COVID-19 screening program. The app will expedite calls and remote monitoring features that will help providers gather notes and auto-fill clinical forms necessary for case-reporting requirements.

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