Hey everyone! I’ve recently been working on a document for introducing people to modern transhumanism, as well as clearing up some of the misconceptions about it. It’s called The Transhumanist Manifesto, and now that I’ve got a short draft of it put together, I’d like to open it up to the community for feedback and suggestions. You can check it out using this link, and commenting privileges (which will also allow you to suggest changes) should be on. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

I built a simple website that this will be hosted on a couple of days ago, with one page dedicated to each section (for easy sharing). The first version of this website will probably go live this weekend.

(In case you’re wondering why I’m doing this when the Transhumanist FAQ already exists, here’s why: I know the Transhumanist FAQ exists, and think it’s really great — some sections of this document are even condensed versions of FAQ answers. However, this document has the goal of focusing more on the core principles of modern transhumanism than practicalities and specific technologies, as well as being slightly more information-dense.)