Nah, creative self expression, or participation in creative projects, or simply experiencing what others have made will all be motivating and inspiring occupations.

If I were in a post-human, post-scarcity society, I don’t think I’d spend longer in one bodyform than was necessary to create, refine, and explore it. I would trade out and redesign, and then do it again.

If I ever grew tired of such inward experiential exploration, I would turn to creative megastructure and environmental engineering, including authorship of lifeforms to occupy my created environments.

Why should there be any hint of long term, systematic purposelessness!? Such a world would be nothing but oprtunities for creative exploration… I think those who became bored would modify themselves to be more creative, or would chose to end their existence.

Once the universe’s materials and deep time are available to us, there shouldn’t be any need for conflict to be the prime driver of action.

I think there will still be ideological, creative, and resource conflicts, but they won’t be the prime driver of all action, just problems to be navigated along the way to fulfillment.