Throughout recording the last 10 episodes of our IoT podcast, I’ve had the chance to chat with a range of IoT leaders. Executives from communications service providers, healthcare organizations, automotive technology companies and even pump suppliers.

While the insights we have gathered from these conversations are extensive, we compiled our favorite insights from each episode.

Focus on long-term success

IoT can grow faster than any traditional operator business. Ultimately, companies need to create profitable growth in order to keep investing in and realizing long-term success.

Episode #1- Ivo Rook, Sprint

Digital transformation is a company effort

If you’re working through a digital transformation, remember that it is not a side business. Organizations must engage everyone in the company, not only the transformation team.

Episode #2 – Fredrik Östbye, Grundfos

The three key questions

In order to create a strong user experience, you need to focus on the following three questions: First, what purpose will your IoT product serve? What does success for the business look like? Lastly, how do you achieve it?

Episode #3 – Henrik Norström, Brighter

Focus on the value, not the tech

At the end of the day, it’s not about the technology, it is about the value you’re providing customers. Create minimum viable applications to experiment and achieve success early on.

Episode #4 – Staffan Dahlström, HMS

Monetize data

There is an endless amount of data available to companies but many are struggling to figure out what to do with the collected data. While there are good use cases available, many more companies can be monetizing their data.

Episode #5 – Nishant Batra, Veoneer

Network with operators

IoT is completely different for operators. The technology is not regulated, it’s fragmented and it brings a new set of challenges. Operators need to connect with one another to achieve IoT success.

Episode #6 – Marie Sandå, Telia

Design technology that supports day to day work

Companies can design all the technology they want but if they don’t create a strong human-machine interface, then the people expected to use it, won’t want to. Ultimately, the effort to provide technology to support people will fail.

Episode #7 – Dr. Henning Löser, Audi

Embrace augmented reality

Industry 4.0 is about enabling decision-making. Leveraging augmented reality (AR) helps lower the threshold for adopting technology. AR is intuitive and can help people learn to make better decisions and work faster.

Episode #8 – Kent Eriksson, PTC

Customer trust is crucial

Customers are going to judge the work you do for them based on the value you provide. In order to provide the best value, you need to build trust with your customers and fully understand their challenges.

Episode #9 – Victoria Van Camp, SKF

Data can help operators climb the value chain

Secure connectivity is the base business that operators offer customers. However, operators have an opportunity to climb the IoT value chain and grow their business into different verticals by leveraging their data.

Episode #10 – Kristofer Ågren, Telia

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