For companies seeking value from data as it flows into data systems, real-time analytics is the way to go. This emerging discipline blends technology and processes to help enterprises improve internal workflows or to provide insight into customer activities and marketplace trends as they unfold.

Real-time analytics strategies provide business agility, whether they are outfitted to help your organization respond to customers as their needs change, optimize pricing as market conditions fluctuate, or identify inefficiencies in business processes that affect your bottom line.

Companies are increasingly turning to real-time analytics for competitive edge, in particular to streaming analytics, which analyzes data in-flight. Grand View Research forecasts the global streaming analytics market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29 percent through 2025, starting from $6.32 billion in 2018, as businesses invest to improve their performance and operations.

Here are four examples of how organizations are using real-time analytics today.

Real-time data helps Bayer reshape business strategy