Medopad is shaking things up with a corporate rebrand and two new major acquisitions. The remote patient monitoring specialist will henceforth be known as Huma, and it will also be diversifying its portfolio after bringing BioBeats and Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) in-house.

Huma (as Medopad) was founded in 2011, and has primarily focused on remote patient monitoring for people with rare diseases. BioBeats and TLT, meanwhile, have both developed wearable technology that will allow Huma to collect more comprehensive medical data. By combining those offerings, Huma is hoping to give medical professionals a more holistic understanding of people’s physical and mental health.    

“Every day our bodies generate millions of unrecorded data points,” said Huma Founder and CEO Dan Vahdat. “We believe that this data can open up new insights on people’s health. Digital biomarkers may tell us what causes disease, how they progress, and potentially how we can prevent disease.”

BioBeats is the developer of BioBase, which was designed to improve mental health outcomes. To do so, the platform blends a mobile app with biometric sensors and a wearable device to gather data about someone’s physical and mental well-being.

“By creating clinically-validated products to predict, diagnose and treat mental health disorders, we allow everyone to flourish,” said BioBeats Co-Founder and CEO David Plans. “We are excited to join Huma to realize our ambition for preventative mental health.” 

TLT, on the other hand, has created a wearable device to measure blood pressure. The device is worn on the wrist, and does not require a cuff or limit the flow of blood. Instead, it uses light modulation technology to detect motion and calculate ongoing arterial pressure.

The acquisitions reflect the growing interest in remote patient monitoring in the healthcare industry. In the past few months alone, BioIntelliSense has released a new BioSticker (and a matching BioHub), while AMC Health has outfitted hospitals with home monitoring kits to help them combat the coronavirus.

In other news, Huma has appointed Alan Milburn as the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Milburn is the UK’s former Secretary of State for Health, and the current Chair of the UK Health Industry Oversight Board at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Huma, BioBeats, and TLT are all based in the UK, and Huma has raised $50 million in capital from Bayer and NWS Holdings, amongst other companies.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)