Female-founded Sens.ai with a mission to empower one billion healthy minds is the first to make advanced brain training accessible to everyone

WHISTLER, British Columbia, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Sens.ai, a personalized neurotechnology company, announced its Indiegogo campaign today for the launch of its at-home brain training solution. After three years of research and development and five million Canadian dollars ($5M) of investment, Sens.ai is revolutionizing brain training with an abundance of industry-first technology innovations. Guided by a world-leading roster of clinical and scientific advisors, Sens.ai has cracked the code on merging ease of use with clinical quality, all from the comfort of one’s home.

Sens.ai created proprietary electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes’ to solve the problem of reading with high fidelity through hair. This allows electrodes to be positioned to read key brain networks without the use of messy silicone gel. This EEG placement is a key reason why Sens.ai can offer the broadest range of programs available in an easy-to-use consumer system. The headset and smartphone app provide guided and personalized programs for all of life’s ebbs and flows, including focus, calm, clarity, creativity, mindfulness and deep work.

Sens.ai’s breakthrough technology is integrated into headphones, can be shared across users, and offers three use modes: Boost, Train, and Assess, which all work together cohesively to maximize results. Boost mode provides non-invasive light stimulation that adapts to user biometrics in real-time. Train mode uses audio and visual EEG neurofeedback with integrated heart coherence training and light stimulation for faster and more holistic effects. Assess mode provides objective functional testing of cognitive enhancement progress. With all three modes in one solution, users get both fast and long-lasting results.

Dr. Amy Serin, an internationally known neuropsychologist, says the Sens.ai device will completely change the way people access neurofeedback and Neurotherapy.

“In the wake of Covid, the talk therapy world did a great job of pivoting to teletherapy,” said Serin. “Remote Neurotherapy, however, is often quite frustrating to both patients and clinicians alike – especially to patients living in other countries who still lack access to care. Legitimate tried and true technology that increases access to life-enhancing Neurotherapy is a necessity in these changing times and I believe that Sens.ai is the Holy Grail in making these life-changing treatments available to everyone.”

Personalization and real-time adaptation are key to effective brain training and are at the core of Sens.ai’s design. Each user has a unique account. The experience during each session is adapted in real-time based on the user’s biometrics and personalized over weeks and months as users make continuous progress.

“Our goal is to bring professional-grade brain training found in the best clinics to the comfort of your living room,” said Paola Telfer, CEO, and founder of Sens.ai. “Elite clinics aren’t accessible and can cost a client anywhere from $8,000$20,000 depending on treatment type, while our system offers cutting-edge training at a fraction of the cost with unlimited use and greater ease and convenience.”

The company will produce a limited number of devices that will be available in May 2022 with additional production runs thereafter.

For more information, please visit https://launch.sens.ai

About Sens.ai
Sens.ai is an adaptive brain training system designed to help people rewire their brain for peak performance in the comfort of their own home. Through its innovative headset, packed with technological innovations, the system provides real-time feedback to continually personalize training and challenge the mind’s potential. Sens.ai has the unique ability to provide objective functional testing from home so you can track changes as you expand your mental flexibility and awaken your genius. For more information visit http://www.sens.ai.

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