Polish telemedicine innovations company StethoMe has announced they will be rolling out their AI wireless stethoscope following recent collaborations with major telemedicine providers MaQuestionMedicale and HomeDoctor. The company is also in talks with other providers across Europe in the hope of expanding operations.


The EU-certified medical device, which records respiratory abnormalities, is intended to be used in the home and uses smart technology to provide an instant analysis of a simple patient examination. Patients are guided through their self-examination with the help of an app which records its analysis and sends it to a clinician to advise on next steps.

StethoMe is the first AI stethoscope proven to identify and analyse early signs of respiratory issues from the home with medical-grade accuracy.

The StethoMe technology is being integrated into MaQuestionMedicale and HomeDoctor platforms, telemedicine companies that facilitate round-the-clock remote connectivity between patients and medical professionals. This will scale-up access to the device to patients in France and Spain.


In June of last year, StethoMe won EC2VC’s pitch competition in the seed category, partly due to its focus on helping alleviate stresses on Primary Care, where up to 70% of visits are unnecessary. As the COVID-19 outbreak sees much more intensive pressure on these service and potentially severe repercussions to these visits, the roll-out will be welcomed.

Other health tech companies across Europe and further afield are also responding to the pandemic by providing at-home symptom checking and monitoring, with an eye to alleviate strain on the health services.


Wojciech Radomski, CEO of StethoMe, said: “Our team of technological and medical experts have devoted the last five years of R&D efforts to the creation of a smart wireless stethoscope that is designed to recognise early signs of respiratory issues in children and adults. At a time where medical services are under strain across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe the deals we have signed with MaQuestionMedicale and HomeDoctor will contribute towards lessening the burden on healthcare systems and reduce the unnecessary spread of the disease, whilst ensuring patients that need care get it.”

Juan Lariz, CEO of HomeDoctor, commented: “As a company providing telemedicine services, we want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Adding the ability to perform remote lung examinations supported by AI is a very important functionality – and in the case of the COVID-19 epidemic is crucial. We’re excited to work closely with StethoMe.”

Prof. Catherine Van Der Straeten, MD, head of the health innovation and research institute Ghent University Hospital also acknowledged the usefulness of StethoMe beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: “Telemedicine and the transfer of diagnostics to the patient’s home is the future, and the possibility of lung monitoring in patients with chronic diseases like COPD or asthma is a huge benefit. Thanks to solutions like StethoMe, telemedicine is constantly evolving.”