From Barcelona Health Hub we are pleased to announce that we have launched a very important project for our ecosystem: “Study of virtual medical consultation and its benefits for healthcare systems – Success stories and proposals to promote it”.

This is a comprehensive project that includes an academic, scientific, legal and social analysis of the situation. It will propose international success stories and proposals for improving the Spanish healthcare system through telemedicine. Our aim is to present it to the authorities in order to influence the regulation of virtual medical consultation.

The project, led by the Barcelona Health Hub, includes Community of Insurance as its Partner. ESADE’s Institute for Healthcare Management will lead the preparation and recommendations phase of the project.

We would love for the entire ecosystem, made up of corporations, start-ups, hospitals, universities, investors and institutions, to join it to improve the healthcare system.

We are very happy to launch this project that we have spent months working on. The situation in recent weeks has accelerated the need for virtual medical consultation and we are convinced that by regulating telemedicine, access to healthcare systems will be considerably improved now and in the future.

It is a project that defines the mission of the ecosystem very well: the acceleration of the digital transformation of healthcare.

We would like you to join this initiative! Please get in touch for more information about the sponsorship modalities or click here to join our petition.

Best Regards,

Barcelona Health Hub